February 18

Rubio Has Political Endorsements, Trump has None

This primary race, more than any primary race in recent history, has been one of numerous twist and turns. The biggest turn, was when Trump announced he would run for the presidency as a Republican. Then, a turn that gave everyone whiplash, was when he was number one in all the polls. And now, behind the polls, is a real victory in New Hampshire by huge numbers. Even in South Carolina, which will hold the first primary in the South on the 20th, has Trump in first place across all polls, except for some that show Cruz. But besides all of this, besides the huge crowds that go to worship Trump, the politician with the most political endorsements is Rubio.

Rubio scored another major endorsement today, and that is from Governor Nikki Haley. A young, popular Governor, she basically has said that she wants anyone but Trump. Rubio also secured Senator Tim Scott’s endorsement, the only African American politician in the Senate. Despite these endorsements, however Trump continues to lead in the polls.

Now, this shows a huge divide that is happening in the Republican Party right now. It is almost like politicians who hold office, want to just pretend like he is not there. The Republicans who are voting for Trump in South Carolina, are most likely the same Republicans who voted for Scott and Haley. How can politicians who want Trump to go away, represent those who want Trump as the next president?

After this election, two things may happen. One, is that if Trump loses, the Tea Party could completely split from the Republican Party. Two, is that is Trump loses, his supporters could lose their leader, and continue to vote for the Republican politicians like nothing ever happened. And three, if Trump wins, he will totally redefine the Republican Party, and the way politics is done in Washington and around America. Because as of right now, endorsements from politicians almost seem irrelevant, as Trump holds a solid first place, and those who support him could care less what their representative has to say about it.

Ironically, this same group who will vote for Trump, does not care about his voting record, his past, his three wives, his views on gay marriage or abortion. They are so focused on the economy and national security and illegal immigration, that normal issues that would eliminate a candidate all together have been pushed to the back of the room. The far right, instead, are tired of broken promises, of inaction, and more than anything, never seeing the number in their bank accounts increase. So for this reason, a political endorsement may mean more of politics as usual, which is exactly what they do not want to see.

But for others, an endorsement from Haley is further proof of the chance Rubio has to win the election. Those who say the primary is the hardest part of the election for the Republican Party, view this part as a necessary evil, and a problem that will straighten itself out. Once the establishment gets past this part, Rubio will be the obvious choice. And for those who do not like him, they will still vote for him over Hillary Clinton.

The tension right now between the establishment and the Trump supporters has never been more obvious. The endorsements given in no way match the poll numbers, and many wonder when these two elements will start to even out. They could merge, or completely crash. This does not even count those who say they may still enter the race, and once again, change everything completely.