February 17

Ted Cruz’s Violent Attack Ads

Senator Ted Cruz was accused of dirty politics in Iowa. Actions included spreading a rumor that Ben Carson planned to drop out of the race, and handing out “voter report cards,” which essentially scared people into getting out to vote through fabricated social pressure and community shame When asked if these accusations were true, his campaign said they were legal and done with no regrets.

This move left a bad taste in many voters mouths, but for others, it reinforced their idea that Cruz will do whatever it takes for the conservative cause.

And now it seems like Cruz is taking the same strategy to his political attack ads. In his most recent ads against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, they are set up like a TV commercial for a brand, with actors instead of what ads normally feature, which are clips of the candidate and a voiceover.

In the ad inspired by “Office Space,” Clinton literally starts punching the computer server. IN the ad featuring children holding a Donald Trump action figure, the children literally use the figure, while screaming “imminent domain,” to smash down the doll house.

Cruz goes after Clinton:

Cruz goes after Trump:

While some find these advertisements absolutely alarming, others say it represents the same anger they feel, and the fight needed for conservative values.

Cruz will do whatever it takes to get the Oval Office. If a couple of ill natured attack ads do the trick, he is willing to cut the loss.