February 12

Why Jeb Bush Should Be Extra Happy for his Birthday

Bush has had a very hard presidential run. When he announced he would seek the presidency, many people knew that it was about time, and figured this would be an uneventful election season because obviously, Bush would win. Jeb and his supporters were so confident, in fact, that Mitt Romney, who flirted with the idea that the third time is the charm, was strong armed out of the race before he even started. Bush had all the big donors, all the right team, and a family legacy to back him up.

At first, this legacy seemed like a curse. He wanted everyone to be totally aware that he loved his brother, but he was not his brother. In fact, people  thought Jeb’s only downfall would be association with his family, as it might be too soon to put yet another Bush in the White House.

But in a campaign with numerous twists and turns, with unexpected results, Jeb has found that his family is, in fact, a life jacket. There is so much shouting in the early days of the primary, it seems almost impossible to get your voice out. But no matter how loud a room is, ears always perk up when it comes to the Bush family. Although America pretends we do not like dynastic power, we do. We love their close family bond, their dedication to and love for America, and their absolute loyalty to the Republican Party. Most of all, we really love Barbara, who is not afraid to speak her mind and tell it like it is. She made an appearance in New Hampshire, walking with confidence behind her walker, and crowds flocked to hear the former first lady speak. Jeb even told her, that normally his crowds are not that big.

And for George, Jeb’s brother, the country is starting to miss the former president. Many people are looking back at when he was president, and stating that whether you “love or hate him, life was better when Bush was president.” There are rumors that the market will crash next week after this weeks celebrations for the Chinese New Year, and if this does happen, people really will start to miss the times under Bush. Obama will be blamed for the economic downturn, leaving the road open for Republicans. And because there will be fear, voters might just turn to a name they already know, and one they think they can trust. Since Clinton has so aligned herself with Obama, the obvious choice is Jeb.

And now, this weekend, Bush is back in a state that loves his family. His brother, the former president, has recorded advertisements for Jeb, and after weeks of stumbling, Jeb is finally starting to walk again.

Do not count out Jeb yet, as his family background and his love of politics, not to mention his millions of campaign dollars, might still bring him all the way. There were reasons to be extra happy yesterday for his birthday, as his campaign may experience a real turn around.

It is never over until it is over, and that could not be more true for this primary.