February 10

What Will Happen if Trump Comes in Second Again?

For weeks leading into the Iowa Caucus, jaws dropped everywhere because Trump was in a solid first place. Ever since he announced his run, really, he had maintained the center stage at every debate, and was predicted to win the Caucus by a mile. For that reason, when Cruz beat him, people were again surprised. How could he have done so well in the polls, and then come in second? While polls are sometimes wrong, his steady place in them, across the board, painted a very different type of picture theoretically than it did in reality.

Trump brushed this off, however. He noted that he had not spent as much time as he should have in Iowa, as he was overly confident he would win that state. With revelations that Cruz maybe played a little dirty in the evangelical state, people thought that indeed, maybe Cruz “stole” Iowa from what should have been Trump’s easy win. The business billionaire promised he would not make that mistake again, because as he has said,, he is a natural winner. Again, he is up in every poll in New Hampshire, and just like last week, is poised to win the first primary. The exit polls, however, are painting a different picture. This time, it looks like Kasich is the one who is gaining the most, and Trump may, once again, come in second place.

So what will happen if Trump comes in second place again? He has already said that anything below first is not for him, and he would not consider any other position in the White House except for the one with the Oval Office. Trump also has a big ego, and second place for the second time may be too much to bear. If Trump does not win, it will be the biggest appearance versus reality moment the nation has seen in year, and pollsters will have to drastically reconsider their methods.

But more than anything, if Trump gets second again and drops out, who will the media look to as the front runner? Perhaps it could be Rubio, but so many consider him part of the establishment. Cruz will more than likely fill Trump’s shoes as the one who makes the most headlines over polarizing statements, but he does not nearly have the same charm as the business mogul. Kasich could come out of New Hampshire as the new one to watch, but for many, he is too moderate on many issues to take the nomination under the Tea Party’s watch.

If Trump gets second again and drops out, it will create an enormous vacuum, even bigger than his personality. The race will change completely, with no clear front runner in the polls, and no one to boost ratings. It will also change the way polls are looked at in the United States, especially because of their inaccuracy.

Tonight, time will tell, but no matter what, the race will change in some way.