February 02

Third Place Has Never Looked So Good

For weeks leading up to Iowa, the top three candidates were always projected to be Trump, Cruz, and Carson, in that order. Because of Rubio’s immigration record, many projected that he would in no way do well in this Evangelical state. So to many’s surprise, third place is pretty good.

The top finishers in Iowa are in this order:













While Iowa is just the beginning, there can be some understanding of the future from the caucus results. If those on the bottom of the list do not do better in New Hampshire, they most likely will drop out, as Huckabee already did last night.

So, for Rubio, his third place finish in Iowa is extremely good for him. In a state that he normally would not do well in because of the type of voter, third place is a major victory, especially against Carson, Huckabee, and Santorum. Rubio is most likely eyeing a win in New Hampshire and South Carolina, which will help him immensely on his journey to the nomination. Rubio has a lot of backers, but many Tea Party members and anti-establishment voters believe he is too Senate for the change they want to see this election cycle. The establishment, however, likes Rubio the best, and if they could broker the nomination, he would be the guy to pick. This is a huge turn off for most voters, but at the end of the day, it might bring him all the way.

Third place has never looked so good than it does for Rubio today. If he can do well in Iowa, it can be expected he will be the candidate to beat for the nomination.