February 01

Donald Trump’s Social Media A Game

One of the major problems with politicians on a whole is their social media incapabilities. As many Americans have turned to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for their news, it is vital to have a strong media presence.

For this reason, Trump’s “celebrity” status has been a major success, and a point that some have mocked him for. Take Fox News, who jokingly called out Trump’s love of Twitter and his followers when they released a press release on his refusal to debate with Megyn Kelly as a moderator. Others have laughed at his use of Twitter to give most of his statements, but in this, Trump has gained followers instead of lose them.

On Twitter alone, Trump has nearly 6 million followers. The same is true for his Facebook page. And for Instagram, he has nearly 1 million. These numbers are much higher than his fellow Republican candidates.

Furthermore, Trump’s family also has a strong social media presence on social media, and are all in when it comes to his campaign. With the weeks, and days, leading up to the Iowa Caucus, they have all turned on their full speed to get Trump’s name and presence trending all over the Internet. Trump has numerous videos on all of these sites coming everyday, and is constantly tweeting along with his family.

Whether politicians like it or not, voters are turning to the Internet instead of the TV networks to get their news. Here, they will find Trump all over. He already has name recognition, so now what they find is a constant reminder that Trump promises to “make America great again.” For those who do watch the news, Trump is all over it.

When it comes to campaign marketing, Trump is by far in first place. News anchors are waiting for his next move, and voters are waiting for his next tweet. On these fronts, he completely has them covered, more so than any other candidate.

Normally in an election, candidates’ rely on the door to door method, or their nightly interview with a major news network. Trump has somehow avoided the need to do both of these, and is able to constantly reach potential voters through his social media posts. Furthermore, it is obvious that the posts (especially the tweets), come directly from him, while other candidates and politicians rely on their young social media press secretary to try and engage with this audience.

For these reasons, Trump has held first place in many polls, mostly because his name cannot be forgotten or ignored. Other candidates should take note, for it is necessary in this technological world we live in.