Monthly Archives: February 2016

February 28

Republicans Rally Behind Trump

It may be the beginning of the end in many ways for this primary season. Ahead of Super Tuesday, Trump’s campaign is increasingly gaining momentum. The first big win for him was when Govenor Chris Christie stood next to him on stage and officially endorsed him. Once his rival for the Oval Office, Christie said […]

February 27

Christie’s Trump Card

The debate last night was no less than wild. There has been a huge reaction, and more than anyone, it is from the Republican candidates. The frustration from Rubio and Cruz was obvious last night, as each Republican who announced their run thought that this would be their year. Then, Donald Trump, who has never […]

February 24

Trump Wins Again

Before the Nevada Caucus yesterday, there was definitely less excitement and anticipation, and instead, there was a feeling of dread. South Carolina’s results were fortuitous for many people: Trump will win the nomination. Despite Governor Haley and Senator Tim Scott campaigning for Rubio, despite Cruz powering through with the Evangelicals, Trump once again won the […]

February 23

And Then, There Were Five

It is hard to believe that after 17 candidates entered the GOP primary race, there are only five left. The Republican National Convention will be held this year from July 18-21, a date that is fast approaching. Five candidates dropped out before the Iowa Caucus, the first being Governor Mitt Romney, followed ten days later […]

February 21

Too Soon for Another Bush?

South Carolina was his chance. After weeks of trailing in the polls, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush saw his numbers continue to drop. When he first entered the primary race, Washington kind of sighed, noting that this would be a boring race. Clinton Bush for a second time in a row? It seemed like this […]

February 19

Trump Against the Pope

Donald Trump has proven one thing this election: he is afraid of nobody. Straight out of the gate, he said statements that caused jaws to drop. He went up against the media, and more shockingly, Fox News. The Republican mecca, Trump did not care that they were holding the final debate before the Iowa Caucus, […]

February 18

Cruz Pulls Another Campaign Trick

As a lawyer, you are often aware of how to push a law to almost the point of your action becoming illegal, but step back right before you cross that threshold. For Cruz, who went to Harvard Law, it is no surprise that he knows just how to do this while running his campaign for […]

February 18

Rubio Has Political Endorsements, Trump has None This primary race, more than any primary race in recent history, has been one of numerous twist and turns. The biggest turn, was when Trump announced he would run for the presidency as a Republican. Then, a turn that gave everyone whiplash, was when he was number one […]

February 17

Ted Cruz’s Violent Attack Ads

Senator Ted Cruz was accused of dirty politics in Iowa. Actions included spreading a rumor that Ben Carson planned to drop out of the race, and handing out “voter report cards,” which essentially scared people into getting out to vote through fabricated social pressure and community shame When asked if these accusations were true, his […]

February 12

Why Jeb Bush Should Be Extra Happy for his Birthday

Bush has had a very hard presidential run. When he announced he would seek the presidency, many people knew that it was about time, and figured this would be an uneventful election season because obviously, Bush would win. Jeb and his supporters were so confident, in fact, that Mitt Romney, who flirted with the idea […]