Monthly Archives: January 2016

January 23

Why Bloomberg’s Run Would Be Good News for GOP

In an election cycle that seems to twist and turn every single day, there is constantly news that seems to change the game. Today, it took another turn. Former New York City Mayor, and business magnate Michael Bloomberg made a major announcement: if Senator Sanders takes the lead from Hillary Clinton, Bloomberg is going to […]

January 21

The Real Reason to Push Iowa and New Hampshire

There is so much media attention, polls, and political push when it comes to Iowa and New Hampshire. For months before these two primary vote days, politicians flock to small town meetings and make speeches. So why is it just for these two states? Because these two states can make the rest of a candidate’s […]

January 20

Trump Gains Another Win: Sarah and Bristol Palin

When it comes to the right wing faction of the Republican Party, an endorsement from Sarah Palin is as good as gold. The former Vice Presidential candidate has a loyal following like you could never believe, and continues to be an activist when it comes to popular support for various politicians around the country. Her […]

January 19

The Protests in Oregon Bring Up Major Issue for Ranchers

On January 2nd, armed ranchers decided to use their own right to protest the government. While protesting is normally associated with more a left wing, liberal voter, this group of people decided that they were tired of the government’s regulation and overreach. The stimulus came from the arrest of Dwight Hammond and his son, Steen […]

January 18

The Real Lesson from Martin Luther King Jr

Every year on Martin Luther King Day, I decide to put aside politics in order to reflect on the man who did so much to change our country. While politics continues to become increasingly divisive, it is important to take a day to remember the lessons from such a great man, and what this day […]

January 16

Why you should beware low oil prices

For the past few years, there has been a movement in America to become energy sufficient. This means no more oil imports, and for the first time in year, oil exports. With technological advancements, there has been a Natural Gas boom in America, and lots of new companies have sprung up as a result. In […]

January 15

Why Trump and Cruz are campaign geniuses

A well run campaign does not happen everyday, and although a candidate could be ideal, if he or she does not have the team, they will go no where. Take Mitt Romney, who had a chance of beating President Obama, who was seeing low poll numbers and an overall lack of enthusiasm for the president. […]