January 31

Trump and Clinton Lead Final Polls

After so much anticipation, so many polls, and so many predictions, tomorrow is finally the day with real results from the actual voters. As of right now, Clinton and Trump are in the lead. But tomorrow, it is a free for all for who will take the first state of the primary election cycle.

There is so much focus on Iowa, because it kicks start the election cycle. It sifts out the candidates, either giving them momentum or causing candidates to drop out. Before this caucus, there are so many predictions, and tomorrow will either solidify people’s prophecy capabilities, or take away any validity to their statements.

For months, people have been waiting for Thai day. All information has been total speculation, and tomorrow will be the first time that the voters show the political commentators and pollsters how corr eat they are in what they believe will happen. While Iowa does not seal the election for any candidate, it is officially the start of the primary race, and will give candidates’ leads, or start to weed candidates out of the race.