January 29

All Anyone Can Talk About is Trump

In honor of totally snubbing the conservative powerhouse, Fox News, Donald Trump is continuing to run skipping the debate in everyone’s face by focusing his entire day on Veterans Affairs, a topic that many candidates and politicians have dropped. Via social media, Trump is pushing his website, http://www.donaldtrumpforvets.com, where you can choose a dollar amount you want to give to Veterans. The donations go to Donald Trump’s foundation, but as you can probably assume, he does not need the money and will more than likely actually give the money to the Vets.

Trump is holding a fundraiser tonight instead of attending the debate, as he continuously refuses to be subject to Megyn Kelly’s “bimbo” questions, and believes that she in no way can ask him questions that are not somehow loaded or extremely biased. Fox News put up a fight, Trump came back with an even bigger fight. The polls, are showing that the fight has worked on his behalf, but the voter turnout will really show if Donald Trump is even more powerful than Fox News.

As for the fundraiser happening tonight, Governor Huckabee said he might stop by. Huckabee, who is still in the race, is a former Fox News employee. However, he would also be a great Vice President candidate, especially to Donald Trump. This might be in the back of his mind as a next career, instead of returning to Fox News as a political correspondent and show host.

For everyone who believes Trump to just be a marketing genius, well, here is the proof you need. Trump is talked about now more than ever for snubbing Fox News, and will gain some serious brownie points for spending his night instead with America’s Wounded Warriors. Instead of focusing on what will be discussed at the debate, all anyone can talk about is whether Trump will show up or not.

Days before the first vote for the 2016 presidency, Trump’s name is everywhere. He does not even have to do more press, or attend the debate, and he still holds all the focus. The point of GOTV efforts is so that when voters turn up at the polls, the candidate’s name is on their mind, and you are more inclined to fill in the bubble next to their name. The genius of Trump’s campaign is that even if you hate him, you cannot ignore him, and his name continues to capture headlines regardless if it is for good or bad reasons. The name recognition is there, and people are waiting tonight to see what he will do next. With so much hype, the guess is that this will help him on Monday instead of hurt him.

Many people thought that Trump would come in like a wrecking ball into the campaign, and quickly fade into the background. That prediction could not have been more wrong. Four days to go, and this business mogul has double digit polls, and now, has gone up against the number one media powerhouse for right wing news: Fox. For most candidates, this would destroy their campaign. But for Trump, it might be just what he needs to win his first state.