January 28

What a plane ticket can tell you about Iowa

Thinking of Traveling to Iowa This Weekend? Think Again

Donald Trump pulled a pretty confident move this week when he told Fox News that he would not participate in the final debate before the Iowa Caucus. Mouths dropped, but Trump did not flop, and instead, announced he would hold a fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors Project, a non profit that assists wounded Veterans with healthcare, etc. The other Republican candidates seized the chance to take the spotlight, but the polls showed that over 80% of people would keep their televisions turned off from Fox News tonight, an example that his voters have already made their minds up, and it looks like a lot of his voters are fans of Fox News. This may be cracks in Fox News’ downfall, or it might just show the power Trump has that he can go up against such a huge network.

So, if you are like me and thought maybe this Iowa Caucus is worth seeing in person, you may have looked up a last minute plane ticket. A roundtrip ticket from upstate New York to Des Moines, Iowa, is over $3,000, with popups all throughout the page that this may be the last seat on the flight.

If little factors show how important an event is on the macro level, these plane ticket prices are a perfect example of how the micro makes up the whole. This election, which has been talked about basically non stop since candidates started declaring they would seek the presidency, and really even before that, when everyone speculated who would run, has not let down its momentum for even a second. A $3,000 plane ticket is enough to buy you a round ticket literally across the world, or in this election cycle, a weekend trip to Iowa.

Never has there been such a watched, talked about, and debated election cycle, with curve balls every week and unexpected events at every turn. Bernie Sanders is beating Clinton in some polls; Donald Trump has held first place when so many thought he would be out in weeks; Bush is completely flopping: this election’s theme is to expect the unexpected. And really, the race is finally just getting started.

The price of the airline ticket is a small detail that really paints a picture of what is really going on this election cycle. This is an election of change, of uncertainty, and excitement. People want to travel to Iowa to see it first hand, and because of this, a $400 ticket has drastically increased.