January 27

Murkowski notices something different on Senate Floor today

Senator Murkowski arrived today on the Senate floor to convene with business as usual, and noticed something very different: there were only women there. After a snow filled weekend that virtually shut down the eastern seaboard, Murkowski arrived back after the weekend session, and it seems like it was only the women who did the same. Murkowski wrote,

“Today I was on the Senate floor with U.S. Senator Susan Collins of Maine-two women from two very snowy states. And as I looked around the Senate chamber, I noticed that everyone in the room was female-the presiding officer, parliamentarians, floor managers, and pages. I couldn’t help but comment on how different, and fabulous, that was.”

Senator Collins and Murkowski are two Republican senators, who challenge the perception and stereotype that to be a Republican is to be part of a “war on women,” through their bipartisan efforts, and attention to this issue in a non-extreme way. Murkowski said showing up to work today may speak to the “heartiness of women,” putting on boots and getting through the mess. Collins then said she wanted to “commend the Senator from Alaska, for her diligence and her willingness to be here today.”

Murkoswski was on the Senate floor to bring attention to her bipartisan bill, “Energy Policy and Modernization Act.”

While there is so much focus on Iowa right now, it is easy to forget the Nation’s Capitol continues to be busy passing legislation. Murowski and Collins are two senators that very much prove wrong all Republican prejudices, and made a point to make it to the Senate floor today. A perception that most Republican women have to fight against is why they choose this party, which so seemingly betrays women’s issues. The work of Senator Murkowski, Senator Collins, Senator Fisher, and Senator Ayotte on this topic is often left out of the news. Murkowski’s mention of only women on the Senate floor, however, brings attention to this touchy topic, and reminds all readers that there are women in Congress who are also working to shatter glass ceilings, and create equality and advantageous opportunities for women.