January 27

Cruz Wants to Debate Trump, Badly

After Trump declared that he was going skip the final debate before the Iowa Caucus, Cruz jumped on the opportunity. As Cruz is thought to be the only candidate to beat Trump in this evangelical state, Cruz quickly gave Trump the nickname, “Ducking Donald,” and is trying to paint him as afraid to debate Cruz, implying that if he does, Trump will lose. Cruz acted so fast, in fact, that he already created a url that brings you straight to his campaign website, called “www.duckingdonald.com” The backdrop of the website then has Trump’s name in the background, surrounded by gold coins and a picture of Donald’s face on what is implied to be Donald Duck.

Cruz asks you to sign the petition, and also give your name email and zip code so he can make sure you get all his campaign information. Before this information, however, he gives a video and the statement,
“If Donald Trump is afraid of Megyn Kelly, then Ted Cruz is willing to debate “Ducking Donald” one-on-one. Ted Cruz is willing to stand up and defend his record, anytime, any place. Why isn’t Ducking Donald?”
Cruz’s office is trying to make this catch phrase catch on Twitter. It seems that the gloves are off, and Cruz is going all in against Trump, even creating a nickname for him. While Cruz missed an important endorsement last week, he is clearly trying to make up for it this week, and is trying to hit “Ducking Donald” hard.