January 23

Why Bloomberg’s Run Would Be Good News for GOP

In an election cycle that seems to twist and turn every single day, there is constantly news that seems to change the game. Today, it took another turn. Former New York City Mayor, and business magnate Michael Bloomberg made a major announcement: if Senator Sanders takes the lead from Hillary Clinton, Bloomberg is going to enter the race as an Independent.

So why does this completely change the game? Because political analysts have confirmed over and over again that an Independent in a race that leans to a certain side of the political spectrum takes votes away from either the Democrats or Republicans. The famous example is when President George P. Bush ran against Bill Clinton. Billionaire Ross Perot decided to run as an Independent, taking votes away from Bush and landing Clinton in the White House. This was the Republican Party’s concern at the beginning of the presidential race, and the reason all candidates had to sign a “pledge” to promise they would not abandon the Party and run separately. Now, the Democrats would be in the same boat.

While Bloomberg would run to try to defeat Donald Trump, there are numerous Democrats who have pledge overwhelming loyalty to Senator Bernie Sanders. Bloomberg’s campaign would not unite this faction within the Democrat Party, and would only split it into three instead of two factions. Those who support Trump are pretty steadfast in their loyalty to him, and would not switch over to Bloomberg.

While this news came today as a sort of threat to the Republican Party, it really only threatens the Democrats, and paints a negative picture of Hillary Clinton and Bernoe Sanders. If Democrats are already thinking Trump or Cruz can win against Sanders, and that Sanders could beat Clinton, it makes the party look like it is already defeated, and needs to put in some serious back up to try and win the Oval Office.

There has been so much focus on the a Republican Party’s trouble, that the problems within the Democrat Party have been relatively overlooked. This latest announcement, however, shows some cracks in what looks like a cohesive appearance. Furthermore, this news proves how much of a chance Trump really has, how much of a chance Sanders has, and that while Clinton was thought to be a sure thing, nothing is certain till Election Day.

If you thought that this race could not surprise you anymore, it looks like the wild primary ride is just getting started.