January 13

The Unlikely Trump Fans: Union Members

When one thinks hears the word union, a likely synonym is Democrat. Union members have a history of leaning left, and seem to be in a constant clash with GOP leaders. For this election, however, there is a theme to expect the unexpected, and the same applies to this political group. Utilizing social media, union members are surprising everyone, and giving Donald Trump their vote.

Trump wrote on his Facebook today:

“Love seeing union and non-union members alike are defecting to Trump. I will create jobs like no one else. Their #Dem leaders can’t compete.”

And with this comment, I totally expected to read through the comments of his message, and see a strong opposition to this statement. I was shocked, as instead, I found not only agreement, but encouragement. Furthermore, many of the commenters urged their fellow Facebook users to find out if they needed to switch their party affiliation in their state in order to vote for a Republican candidate. Here are some of the top comments:

“I’m a Union member and I want change and I want to work the last eight years there has been NO construction work what happens to the stimulus money to create jobs it all went in someone’s pocket TRUMP 2016.” -Pat N Purchia

“Remember if you are a Democrat voting for Trump, you have to change your party to Republican to vote for him in the primary, which is crucial. He has to become the Republican nominee to run for President! You can change back to Democrat after the primary. Mr. Trump please speak about this very important issue, so all the Democrats for you, will know this. A lot of people don’t realize this, please share this info!! Trump 2016!! Thank you!! Contact your county Board of Elections to change your party affiliation. States have different deadlines for doing this, so hurry and get it done ASAP!!” -Tracie Burgess Dellinger

“I’m a union member but I’ve been on tea Trump for the duration.” -Adam Quinn (this comment was liked 1.4k times).

“Teachers for Trump! Trump will bring companys & jobs back and make our economy thrive for all. When our country is thriving & making money their pensions will be safe not threatened like now because states are broke.” -Nancy Druga

“I am a Union member. The unions backed Obama, look what he has done to the Railroad industry and coal industry alone! Over 7000 Railroad employee’s furloughed thus far! My money is with Trump!!!!! But what will you do to fix this?” -Donn Debban

“I’m a woman brought up and raised in a union family and I’ll be voting for Trump!!! I couldn’t care less what union leaders want!! Our family also switched from Democrat to Republican! Trump for President 2016!” -Kim Penque Amburgey Finn

The comments go on and on, 2,477 of them, all in agreement that Trump will revitalize the economy, and therefore benefit unions and pensions. There is a theme throughout most of them that it is crucial to change tot he Republican party, because Trump is the only man who can “make America great again.” As the economy is the number one issue in many voters’ minds, most will be voting based on who they believe can create good paying jobs and restore the “American dream. if Trump can convince most union members to vote for him, he has much more of a chance in winning the primary, and seriously threatening the Democrat nominee in the general election.