January 11

Senator Rand Paul Still Wants to Audit the Fed

While most candidates who are seeking the presidential nomination and also holding public office have slightly neglected their elected responsibilities (ahem, Marco Rubio), Senator Rand Paul has been busy as ever in his pursuit to limit the power of the federal government. As his motto for his campaign is “Defeat the Washington machine. Unleash the American dream,” he is not just waiting to get into the Oval Office to try and enact real chance. Taking the lead of the Libertarian movement in DC from his father, Former Congressman Ron Paul, Rand has been consistent in his foreign policy that differs from his Republican competitors, and while campaigning, is persistent in auditing the Federal Reserve.

Senator Rand Paul gained his first notoriety when he stood up all night on the Senate floor in order to filibuster a law that allowed the government to spy on American citizens in their efforts for terrorism prevention. He gained it again, when he filibustered the PATRIOT Act, disagreeing mostly with the collection of personal data of everyday American citizens. While most war hawks disagreed with this move, Paul has remained steadfast that there are different ways to combat terrorist threats that do not compromise Americans’ freedom and liberty, as specified under the United States Constitution.

On his Facebook page, Paul encouraged Americans to stand with him in order to audit the Federal Reserve. In a video, Paul notes that the value of the dollar has drastically decreased since the formation of the Fed, and points to this federal branch as one of the many examples of government overreach. Paul writes,

“The Federal Reserve was created by Congress and is supposed to be overseen by Congress. The Fed is now in every nook and cranny of banking with unprecedented regulatory powers and no Congressional oversight. I believe the Fed should be audited and the regulatory power should be placed back under the control of Congress.”

There has been much criticism that under the Obama administration, the federal branches of the government have grown exponentially-increasing regulation without any regulation themselves, whatsoever. Many candidates have noted (think Chris Christie), that if under different circumstances with different leadership, Hillary Clinton would be indicted. Furthermore, the Lois Lerner scandal was relatively dropped, when it came to surface that she was targeting Tea Party groups in order to inhibit the conservative agenda. Before she was prosecuted, her computer happened to completely crash, and she left her position of power with no backlash.

For this reason, Paul has been consistent in his effort to thwart the growing bureaucracies, in particular to protect individual and private sector freedom. Auditing the Federal Reserve, is his latest push in eliminating government corruption and returning the power to the people and their representatives.

Paul writes in a press release, “For too long, the Fed has been operating under a cloak of secrecy. The American people have a right to know what the Federal Reserve is doing with our nation’s money supply.”

With Paul’s background, he is the one to get the job done.