January 07

Will the Tea Party Break from the GOP?

This presidential election cycle has been one of the most talked about in recent years. Donald Trump’s announcement that he would seek the GOP nomination caused shock waves throughout the country, but few people actually took him seriously. As he has held the number one spot in numerous polls, and continuously held rallies where he speaks to stadiums full of people on why he is the candidate to “Make America Great Again,” the Republican National Committee and other officials are starting to realize that he could most possibly be the one to take the Republican nomination, but officials are not sure if they will allow this to happen. Thus, there have been insider talks about whether or not to broker the Republican National Convention, and have the party pick their own candidate. You can imagine the result this would have, as Donald Trump and his supporters would break away from the party, maybe forever.

Since the formation of the Tea Party, many Republicans have recognized them as extremists who do not really represent the party at its core. Political analysts wrote articles about how they are a voice, but not one to totally be reckoned with. This analysis proved false when Minority Leader Eric Cantor lost to a relatively unknown Tea Party candidate in his district, one where he had been serving for over a decade. Congressman Dave Brat quickly joined the powerful Freedom Caucus once sworn into office, and was a hero to the Tea Party movement. Moreover, he was an example that even though Washington may love you, the people may not. This was the first time in history that a sitting House leader lost in a primary. For those who did not take the Tea Party movement seriously, now, they had to start to listen.

And now, what we see with Donald Trump, is a fervor and enthusiasm so strong that although party leaders may not agree with the business mogul, they have to take him seriously. Even if Trump does lose the primary, there is a good chance that he could just create his own party, and those who are his followers and also Republicans will not think twice about abandoning the GOP to vote for him.

What we see is a true turning point for Republicans. Really, it is hard to know what a Republican is even more. Someone who loves Senator Marco Rubio hates Donald Trump, and vice versa. They can no longer see eye to eye, and will bring that state of mind to the voting booth.

Today, a former communications director for the RNC wrote an article for the Independent Journal, stating why he would not support Trump. Doug Heye is one of many who are part of the party establishment, but want the party to be steered a different way than it is currently moving.

This election will be historical no matter what, and that includes if the Tea Party finally breaks from the GOP and starts a new political party completely. As Ben Carson said, if the RNC brokers the convention this August, it will be the last Republican National Convention. The split in the party is continuing to grow, and unless one can give way, it might finally rip apart.