January 06

Republicans Respond to Obama’s Gun Announcement

If you have not turned on any news channel today, you might have missed President Obama’s tearful announcement, where he asked for a “sense of urgency” in regards to gun control. As the media has increasingly highlighted mass shootings across the country (by the way, “mass” means more than one death), President Obama said that he will use executive action to “close loops holes,” when it comes to gun regulation. In his plan, he will ensure all gun owners conduct background checks, while also increase funding for mental health treatment. As this is an extremely partisan issue, here are some Republican lawmakers response to Obama’s declaration.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik:

“I oppose President Obama’s unconstitutional executive action regarding the 2nd Amendment that he announced today. I am a strong 2nd Amendment supporter and oppose these infringement on the right of the America people. These proposals would have done nothing to stop these recent tragedies from occurring. Furthermore, under our Constitution, Congress makes laws- not the President. I will continue to work to reform our nation’s mental health system and support common sense reforms so that we can take action that will help stop gun violence in our country.”

Congressman Justin Amash:

“So, the guy who sells guns from our government to radical Syrian rebels lectures law abiding Americans about selling guns to each other.”

Senator Rand Paul:

“In the United States, we do not have a king, but we do have a Constitution. We also have the Second Amendment, and I will fight tooth and nail to protect it.”

Senator Ted Cruz:

“As president, I’ll defend our Second Amenment right to keep and bear arms.”

(Cruz also promptly issued a petition, titled “Gun control is government control!”)

Senator Lisa Murkowski:

“Our Second Amendment rights are non-negotiable. Many Alaskans depend of the Second Amendment to safeguard their way of life, whether it’s for personal protection, subsistence, or sports and recreation. I have worked hard to ensure that these rights are not infringed upon and I will continue to do so. The President is no friend of practical bipartisan solutions to the gun violence problem, and he is no friend of the Second Amendment.”

For once, there is some serious cohesion in the Republican Party.