Monthly Archives: January 2016

January 31

Trump and Clinton Lead Final Polls

After so much anticipation, so many polls, and so many predictions, tomorrow is finally the day with real results from the actual voters. As of right now, Clinton and Trump are in the lead. But tomorrow, it is a free for all for who will take the first state of the primary election cycle. There […]

January 29

All Anyone Can Talk About is Trump

In honor of totally snubbing the conservative powerhouse, Fox News, Donald Trump is continuing to run skipping the debate in everyone’s face by focusing his entire day on Veterans Affairs, a topic that many candidates and politicians have dropped. Via social media, Trump is pushing his website,, where you can choose a dollar amount […]

January 28

What a plane ticket can tell you about Iowa

Thinking of Traveling to Iowa This Weekend? Think Again Donald Trump pulled a pretty confident move this week when he told Fox News that he would not participate in the final debate before the Iowa Caucus. Mouths dropped, but Trump did not flop, and instead, announced he would hold a fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors […]

January 27

Murkowski notices something different on Senate Floor today

Senator Murkowski arrived today on the Senate floor to convene with business as usual, and noticed something very different: there were only women there. After a snow filled weekend that virtually shut down the eastern seaboard, Murkowski arrived back after the weekend session, and it seems like it was only the women who did the […]

January 27

Cruz Wants to Debate Trump, Badly

After Trump declared that he was going skip the final debate before the Iowa Caucus, Cruz jumped on the opportunity. As Cruz is thought to be the only candidate to beat Trump in this evangelical state, Cruz quickly gave Trump the nickname, “Ducking Donald,” and is trying to paint him as afraid to debate Cruz, […]

January 27

Trump Picks Fight With Fox News. Who Will Win?

Donald Trump said last week that he could go into the streets of New York City and shoot someone, but he would still win the presidency. For many who heard this statement, this is evidence that he is crazy. For others, this is confidence. Trump is so confident in his voters, and in his supporters, […]

January 25

Perry Endorses Cruz

As Iowa approaches, followed shortly by the rest of the primary elections, endorsements are starting to gain major importance. There was a lot of hype last week about who Sarah Palin would choose, and a double digit poll followed her endorsement for Donald Trump. Senator Ted Cruz, who is in second place and banking on […]

January 23

Why Bloomberg’s Run Would Be Good News for GOP

In an election cycle that seems to twist and turn every single day, there is constantly news that seems to change the game. Today, it took another turn. Former New York City Mayor, and business magnate Michael Bloomberg made a major announcement: if Senator Sanders takes the lead from Hillary Clinton, Bloomberg is going to […]

January 21

The Real Reason to Push Iowa and New Hampshire

There is so much media attention, polls, and political push when it comes to Iowa and New Hampshire. For months before these two primary vote days, politicians flock to small town meetings and make speeches. So why is it just for these two states? Because these two states can make the rest of a candidate’s […]

January 20

Trump Gains Another Win: Sarah and Bristol Palin

When it comes to the right wing faction of the Republican Party, an endorsement from Sarah Palin is as good as gold. The former Vice Presidential candidate has a loyal following like you could never believe, and continues to be an activist when it comes to popular support for various politicians around the country. Her […]