December 31

Trump Goes Head to Head Against Clinton

It seems like a long time ago that Donald Trump attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding as a guest of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and even longer time ago that Trump called Bill Clinton for some advice when deciding whether or not to run for president. It also seems like a long time ago that people held the conspiracy theory that the Clinton’s worked out a secret deal to get Trump to botch the entire Republican primary, in particular, to ruin Jeb Bish’s chance against the former Secretary of State. Because now, Trump has brought up a very sensitive subject for the Clinton’s, and that is the one of Bill Clinton’s numerous affairs and alleged assaults with women.

To give the background for this major headliner feud, Trump said that Clinton’s extended trip to the bathroom during the last Democrat debate was “disgusting.” She then shot back that Trump was sexist. Given Trump’s firey personality, there is no surprise that he would not take the comment lightly. What is the surprise to the Clinton campaign, however, is the situation they have now put Hillary in.

There is no doubt that despite his impeachment over an affair with Lewinsky, Bill Clinton is considered a very popular and successful president. For this reason, he has been a valuable tool on the campaign trail, traveling around to fundraise and bringing energy to his wife’s campaign. Hillary, who is running as the first woman president, is very much using the woman card as an essential tool in winning voters. But now, with Trump’s latest comments, Bill Clinton and his past are back in voters’ minds.

Trump made the accute statement that while Hillary called him sexist, she should be paying more attention to what is going on under her own roof. A reporter in New Hampshire lightly touched on this subject, asking if the women who were not taken seriously when they came forward with sexual assault allegations against her husband, should be taken seriously. She brushed the comment off, stating that there was not clear evidence. This seemed like a fair answer.

Now, Trump has turned the tables, and turned the attention away from his comment back to the reporter’s question.  Hillary will now have to respond to show that she is not supportive of her husband’s reputation, while also answering the question of why she chooses to stay married to him.

In a time where personal lives of political candidates are closely scrutinized, Hillary will have to separate herself from her popular husband, or give a clear answer of how she deals with the allegations of how he grossly mistreated women. In any case, Trump has put Hillary in a tough position. And while she may not stoop to his level, people are starting to listen. While the media so closely populates what Trump says, this issue will not go away over night.