December 19

Why Trump’s Rhetoric Works

According to Donald Trump, he won every single one of the five GOP debates. You know why? Because he is the only candidate on stage, in his opinion, who really knows how to win. Without giving details, without really laying out a plan (except for his tax plan), Trump has convinced majority of every national poll that he is the guy for the job. So what’s the lesson here? Sound bites and positive rhetoric works. And to his credit, he did not participate in one debate where he lost that center position. He even got the CNBC hotshots to shorten the debate from three hours to two hours. They knew if they didn’t comply with him and Trump refused to participate, they would seriously see their ratings dropped. Trump won. And he promises you he will continue to win.

When you think of Trump, what are the words that come to mind? Mine are that “America is losing” that he will “make America great again,” that “Clinton is a crook.” In general, I think of great, of winning, and Trumps promise that he’s the one to do it.

Then you think of the actions behind the words of Donald Trump. I think of shots of his giant airplane with Trump splashed across the outside of it. Then you see his supermodel wife, with a stone cold expression on her beautiful, diamond adorned face. There’s a picture of him in a giant stadium with a crowd of screaming fans. There’s him on Saturday Night Live. There’s a press conference inside his Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue where he told that his tax plan is the best one there is, and that he will create millions of jobs. There’s the wall he promised you he will have Mexico build, and you know what, I kind of believe him.

He doesn’t even have to go to the press, the press goes to him. That has been Trump’s charm throughout the entire election cycle. He does not have to rub elbows with cash donors, because he doesn’t need their money. He promises his intentions are pure: simply to make America great again. The fat cats on K Street will never get a seat on his plane, and votes like him even more for it.

Trump has painted himself as a larger than life figure. In a time where so many Americans crave someone who is unapologetic, Trump has satisfied their craving. He does not care if he offends you, what the press has to say about him, because he knows he is the only candidate to get the job done. In fact, he is the only candidate to actually go up against the press (think Megyn Kelly), and not see a negative backlash. Trump will tell it like he sees it, and that authenticity, whether you agree with him or not, makes him believable. He exudes so much self confidence, more than any other candidate. At the end of the day, that’s what our country is lacking. People are timid, they feel like they are out of luck, and they look up and see a Boeing 757 flying in. They cannot help but believe that he has done a good job for himself, and therefore, will do a good job for America. The economy has been more than stagnant for a decade now, and people are looking for serious change in their quality of life. For this reason, Trump seems to them like the man for the job.