December 11

Carson Threatens to leave GOP

From the start of this election, there has been continuous worry and talk amongst GOP insiders that Trump could leave the Republican Party, and take all his followers with him. Because of this, even though Trump has increasingly become more extreme and more rebellious to the party bosses, all but his opposing candidates have relatively kept their mouth shut about the billionaire. Now, with Trumps last statements, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan condemned Trump’s rhetoric against Muslims entering the United States, and GOP Chairman Reince Priebus joined the speaker. Now, there is new talk that Trump will abandon the GOP. Furthermore, his followers are happy about this, as they believe the GOP no longer represents conservative principles. The GOP is not happy, however, as they know if he runs as an Independent, it will be four years of Hillary.

With this in mind, the Washington Post reported that the RNC believes his statements to be too much of a risk to the party, and top GOP officials supposedly met in DC to talk about brokering the convention. While this news, above all else, proves the fragmentation of the Republicans and their points of view, it also shows desperation. And while this may have been a chance for the GOP to come together against Trump, it will most likely backlash against the RNC, because Carson has now joined him.


In a statement released by his campaign, Carson said, “If the leaders of the Republican Party want to destroy the party, they should continue to hold meetings like the one described in the Washington Post this morning.”

Since the beginning of this election cycle, the main theme throughout the Republican Party has been politics no longer as usual. In a national poll, faith in the government is at a historic low, and many believe Washington insiders no longer represent the American people, and that the entire system is completely dysfunctional and corrupt. For this reason, Trump, Carson, and Fiorina gained national attention immediately, while other politicians, such as Kasich and Bush, tried to distance themselves from the political machine.

For this reason, the information in the Washington Post, is more detrimental to the party than helpful. The party is redefining itself, and as of right now, looks as though it might split into two. Carson continued that if this “brockerage” of the convention in Ohio happens, it will be the party’s last convention.

While the GOP looked at this upcoming election as an easy win, all it has done is place a magnifying glass on all the cracks. Unless there can be a serious reshuffling of the party, there could be a serious shift, or split, of the party. And the Independents could become an entirely new party, not just a break from the establishment.