December 08

Did Trump Go Too Far?

The internet is exploding right now with Donald Trump’s recent statements. Trump said, in response to the San Bernardino shootings and President Obama’s address to the nation last night, that no Muslims should be allowed in the United States. He said that the Muslim culture is one of hatred towards Americans. Journalists were floored. As news has become fabricated, and networks have misquoted (Putin) leaders in the hurry to get the story out first, journalists called Trump’s people to see if what he said was actually true. They said yes. When they asked what inspired such harsh words against the Muslim community, he simply said, “death.”

For the rest of the GOP candidates, who are trying desperately to par their poll numbers with Trump’s numbers, this is their time. Marco Rubio immediately put out a statement, condemning Trump’s “divisive” language, and stating that America needs a leader (implying himself) who can unite the nation. Journalists have turned to social media, asking Muslims (especially veterans), to come forward and share their story. Americans have turned to social media, stating how Trump is a racist and is part of a religious persecution movement.

Has Trump gone too far? Such rhetoric is divisive, it is aggressive, and it is targeting a group. But for many people, all they see on the news are images of ISIS (turn on CNN really at any time of the day if you want to believe the world is coming to an end), they believe that ISIS is at our door, they believe that Obama is part of the movement to hurt America and infiltrate terrorists in every town.

Other Americans (not just Republicans), believe that Obama has made the wrong foreign policy moves, that there is no clear plan on how to combat terrorism, and there is no hope for future peace on American soil.

For this demographic, what Trump says, they believe. Trump’s poll numbers soared after he made comments about illegal immigrants. After these recent comments, which are shocking, it will not be surprising if his poll numbers rise again.

The current political environment has left a vacuum for extremism. The lack of political involvement, with trust in the government at a shocking, historic low, how can you really be surprised that Trump’s statements are well received by some? By failing to become involved in our democratic system, we have made room for someone to come in with harsh rhetoric who promises to get results, even if it way oversteps many lines.

If you are mad about what Trump said, realize that our current state is the reason he is able to exist. People are out of money, they cannot find jobs, they have no hope, and now, they think terrorists are about to come into the last thing they have, their homes, and take that away too. They don’t want to fact check what Trump says, they want someone who promises them results.

We have let our country go down for too long, and there needs to be something done to turn it around. With lack of faith or trust in the government, many Americans are turning to someone who is no longer politics as usual. For this reason, although offensive and shocking, Trump’s comments will most likely help him instead of hurt him.