December 04

What Are People Missing About San Bernardino?

First of all, my prayers are with the families of the victims in San Bernardino. I cannot imagine the pain they feel today as they wake up and realize this is not a dream.

But, what I find especially confusing, is why the reaction to San Bernardino is all about gun control, and not a realization that terrorist attacks such as this may become more prevalent in the United States, and that attacks that happened in Paris have every possibility of happening here? From the evidence, this was not a mass shooting, but was a terrorist attack.

The couple that attacked a government holiday party had a timed bomb in their car along with pipe bombs, were in communication with radical terrorists in the Middle East, and had apparently been planning the attack for two weeks. The woman, from Pakistan, had pledged allegiance to ISIL on Facebook. A neighbor who noticed unusual activity was afraid to say something to the police, as he did not want to seem racist.

Gun control would have prevented the use of AK 47s, but not the attack. Pipe bombs and the remote control bomb were all made with everyday objects. The bomb that went off in the Russian plane was made in a soda can. While this horrible tragedy is being used for those against the second amendment, Americans are completely missing the point.

If President Obama changes the second amendment through executive action, we will be setting a precedent that will be hard to move back from. Separation of powers is to ensure a democratic system. The use of executive action to change the amendment, is not part of this system.

I am not condoning mass shootings. There must be something done about it, but allowing the president, and supporting the president, to completely bypass Congress in order to appeal to an active group on social media, is asking not for a democracy, but for an autocracy. Furthermore, to label San Bernardino as a mass shooting with the need to push gun control, is an example of twisting an event for a political agenda.

People are starting to have a fundamental misunderstanding of politics, and since we live in an age where the president can wield such authority without any backlash, we need to reevaluate the political process, and decide what kind of government America wants.

Because for those who are actively in favor of gun control and changing the government through executive action, the next election, a new president can come in and change something you think to be a fundamental right, and you will have no way or preventing it. They could also take away a right, which many people believe is being done right now. This has become a government of social media, where if you say the wrong thing that is not trendy, you become part of a witch hunt. There is no room even for discussion, for debate. It has become now right or wrong, with no room between. In a democracy, the majority has say, and is represented in the House. This is the entire point of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

We have to separate ourselves from what is trending, and start to think about the democratic process. There needs to be something done about these mass shootings, I totally agree. Using San Bernardino as the final straw, however, is an example of manipulating a circumstance to fulfill a political agenda.