December 01

Darrell Issa Endorses Rubio

You may have not heard of Congressman Darrell Issa, especially if you are not totally entrenched in Fox News or other conservative media outlets. If you have, then you know this is the millionaire Congressman from Southern California, who has been very popular in the Benghazi hearings, and who is rumored to be part of the Freedom Caucus, the secretive powerhouse that has some major sway in the House of Representatives. For these reasons, Congressman Darrell Issa’s endorsement of Senator Marco Rubio is especially important for the presidential hopeful.

Congressman Issa said that Rubio has a “clear vision for the future.” Rubio, has quickly publicized this clipping all over his social media, as he  knows the following Issa has, and how he can influence his fellow colleagues.
Rubio especially needs the Freedom Caucus, and other committee’s that Issa has friends on. The Florida senator lost some serious support amongst the Tea Party Republicans due to his immigration bill, and has been working this entire campaign cycle to win back their trust. With a few more key endorsements, such as Congressman Issa’s, he may be able to win back their support, and has a better chance at winning the primary in different states.
As the primary election cycle gets closer and closer, these endorsements will become increasingly important. There has now been three debates, with enough time in between to see how a candidate will campaign, and what to expect from them. Senator Marco Rubio is especially passionate about foreign policy, at a time where many Americans are wondering what the future of America’s foreign presence will be. This with some special endorsements gives Rubio a fighting chance, especially against heavy hitters like Trump.