Monthly Archives: December 2015

December 31

Trump Goes Head to Head Against Clinton

It seems like a long time ago that Donald Trump attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding as a guest of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and even longer time ago that Trump called Bill Clinton for some advice when deciding whether or not to run for president. It also seems like a long time ago that people held […]

December 19

Why Trump’s Rhetoric Works

According to Donald Trump, he won every single one of the five GOP debates. You know why? Because he is the only candidate on stage, in his opinion, who really knows how to win. Without giving details, without really laying out a plan (except for his tax plan), Trump has convinced majority of every national […]

December 17

Rand Paul’s Different Foreign Policy

Rand Paul’s Different Foreign Policy As the son of Congressman Ron Paul, the Libertarian hero for many of his steadfast supporters, it is not surprising that he holds a different foreign policy point of view than the other presidential candidates for the Republican Party. Last night, in a debate that focused on national defense and […]

December 15

What Happens in Vegas Won’t Stay in Vegas

While on an airplane traveling from JFK to LAX, I turned on CSPAN 2. The topic was Nevada- the history of the state and its culture. I can’t tell you the names of the speakers of the books they wrote, but what I can say is the main theme. Nevada,  in particular Las Vegas, is […]

December 13

Why is there so much hype around polls?

Political polls are the ultimate form of fortune telling, and as Americans, we are obsessed with them. While polls rely on statistics and data, we take percentages as a sure thing, and apply the number to the nation on a whole. So, in case you are wondering why there is so much hype surrounding a […]

December 11

Carson Threatens to leave GOP

From the start of this election, there has been continuous worry and talk amongst GOP insiders that Trump could leave the Republican Party, and take all his followers with him. Because of this, even though Trump has increasingly become more extreme and more rebellious to the party bosses, all but his opposing candidates have relatively […]

December 08

Did Trump Go Too Far?

The internet is exploding right now with Donald Trump’s recent statements. Trump said, in response to the San Bernardino shootings and President Obama’s address to the nation last night, that no Muslims should be allowed in the United States. He said that the Muslim culture is one of hatred towards Americans. Journalists were floored. As […]

December 04

What Are People Missing About San Bernardino?

First of all, my prayers are with the families of the victims in San Bernardino. I cannot imagine the pain they feel today as they wake up and realize this is not a dream. But, what I find especially confusing, is why the reaction to San Bernardino is all about gun control, and not a […]

December 03

The Man Who Started a War: Bashar al-Assad

To many Americans, the name Bashar al-Assad is unknown. The reason for Syrian refugees, and the refugee crisis that countries are presented with is also unknown. The rally of numerous countries together against ISIL in Syria, and the potential unity with Russia, is also unknown. While France, the United Kingdom, and the United States have […]

December 01

Darrell Issa Endorses Rubio

You may have not heard of Congressman Darrell Issa, especially if you are not totally entrenched in Fox News or other conservative media outlets. If you have, then you know this is the millionaire Congressman from Southern California, who has been very popular in the Benghazi hearings, and who is rumored to be part of […]