Monthly Archives: November 2015

November 03

Goldberg Gives Surprising Statement About Fiorina on The View

The View came under harsh criticism last week when the group of girls sat around their table and laughed about Carly Fiorina, calling her face demented. After the episode with CNBC’s debate, where it was overly clear which side the network leaned, these comments came under serious fire from their bias and their partisan point […]

November 03

Ryan Gets Right Down to Transportation

Speaker Paul D. Ryan has promised to bring a new phase to the House of Representatives, and is doing so by making his first priority a transportation bill. For many years, politicians and presidential hopefuls always make a note about the decaying infrastructure in the United States as an example of how Washington is failing […]

November 03

Bush’s message to Rubio: you should be doing your job

The tension between Rubio and Bush came to head during the last debate, where Bush, for the first time, made a jab at the senator from his state. Rubio, who is Bush’s protege, boldly announced his run against his former mentor. Although the two never mentioned the topic, there was no doubt by everyone that […]