November 30

The Ted Cruz Winning Strategy

Senator Ted Cruz stormed into the Senate like a wrecking ball. Even before he announced he would be running for president, the Texas senator had a national presence. He stood for hours on the Senate floor, fighting for Obamacare, and is proud of his conservative record that makes him a favorite amongst Tea Party members, especially radio host Rush Limbaugh. Now, with just a few months before the first primary election, Senator Ted Cruz is gaining significant traction in the polls, even giving Donald Trump a run for his money. What is his secret formula? Grassroots.

Grassroots organizations are very much on a local level, and use this momentum to make a splash on a national level. By starting small, this way of campaigning is a snowball effect, starting small and continuously expanding the energy, and before you know it, is huge. Grassroots take the idea of moving from the bottom up, instead of the usual top down way of campaigning.

Senator Ted Cruz has used the grassroots method to his advantage, and it seems like it is his winning formula. From his campaign to be elected for the Senate, If you google “Ted Cruz grassroots,” it is obvious how much the senator relies on this for his national campaign. In each states, Cruz is going in on a local level, and slowly working his way to the top. He is a favorite amongst most Tea Party grassroots organizations, which give him enormous power in the primary election. In a press release, Cruz’s national political director, Mark Campbell, said about his boss, “It’s evidence that Cruz’s record of being the only consistent conservative in the race is having a significant impact on the grassroots. Julianne, Rachel and Louie’s experience, knowledge, and network will give our team a sizeable advantage in Georgia and we are thrilled to have them on board.”

As the race for the White House really starts to feel the heat, candidates are looking to find out what their edge can be, and how they can take their presence to every state, especially in the swing states. While money is obviously a very important factor, it is even more important to get Republicans from each state to come out and actually cast a vote. Jeb Bush, who has not had the campaign he expected, is a perfect example of the need to change his campaign strategy if he wants to win over the party’s vote. All the candidates might want to take a page out of Cruz’s book, as his slow and steady approach on a local level is starting to pay off for him. While the polls are not 100% accurate, they are a good indicator of what could possibly happen on election day. Cruz is rising in the polls, and getting key donors and politicians behind him. More importantly, however, he is working on a local level and moving outward. It worked for him in the Senate, and could quite possibly work for him now. If anything, he will most likely be considered as an excellent Vice President candidate.