November 23

Why Donald Trump’s Extreme Rhetoric Works

Donald Trump stormed onto the scene when he announced he would run for presidency, and immediately offended a minority group the GOP wanted to get on their side: the hispanics. He came out calling Mexican illegal immigrants rapists and murderers, and promised all of his voters that he would build a wall between the United States and Mexico, as well as kick out every single illegal immigrants living in our country. Jaws absolutely dropped- this was shocking to everyone. Media outlets saw their ratings sky rocket as they covered what Trump said and continued to say, as viewers just could not believe someone, moreover a politician, would have the audacity to overtly offend an important electorate group, and not think twice about it. Trump, however, saw the results of his rhetoric with a boost in poll numbers. Even as other politicians remarked on how alienating his words were, how they did not reflect true leadership, Trump continued to hold the first place poll number position, something that politicians dream about when forming their campaign and getting voters to believe in them.

And now, Trump has done it again. After the Paris attacks, Trump came out with some seriously strong statements about Islam in America. Trump wants to put all Muslim’s traveling into America into a database. This has shocked many people, as they believe it to be against religious liberty in the United States, and is attacking a specific religious group. Trump, however, does not care, as he tweeted, “We better get touch with RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS, and get tough now, or the life and safety of our wonderful country will be in jeopardy!”

While his statements may offend many people, for more, it is leadership that they have been looking for. Many Americans are tired of what they see to be a weak hand against ISIS, and feel that America is increasingly less safe. Tracking Muslims, which Trump is in favor of, sounds like a good plan to those who are afraid of ISIS coming in as Syrian refugees, or illegally, to try and terrorize American cities. There is fear of this group in America, and Trump’s harsh statements are a breath of fresh air for those who believe President Obama inadequate.

Trump’s strong rhetoric is doing him nothing but favors, as he is finally giving people answers to their questions they have had for years, and is providing a clear plan for a problem. Illegal immigration, and now ISIS, are two issues that continue to be debated in the United States. For Trump’s supporters, they believe that the current administration has been too soft about them, and are not achieving any solutions. Finally, they have found someone who is not afraid of political correctness, and is finally trying to bring solutions to America. For them, Trump is the answer.