November 19

Trump’s Poll Numbers Continue to Rise

There has not been a single break in Donald Trump’s high poll numbers since he announced his run for the presidency. This has political commentators shocked with their mouth wide open. This billionaire businessman came into the race shouting ideas politicians would consider political suicide, and benefitted from it. He said Carly Fiorina had a bad face, and no one seemed to care. He said that he would build a wall along the border between the US and Mexico, and make Mexico pay for it, and many actually agree with him. And now, after Paris, Trump’s poll numbers have risen once again.
While Trump has no background in foreign policy, no experience in political office, this made no difference following the deaths of 129 people in Paris. Even though Trump has said that he would let Putin deal with ISIS (which he most definitely is), many voters believe Trump to have a strong enough personality and a no BS attitude that is required for this new type of terrorism war. He changed his tune and said at a rally, “I’m going to bomb the sh** out of them,” to a huge applause. Trump is telling his supporters what they want to hear, and is promising a tough hand back to ISIS.
Furthermore, Trump told Sean Hannity that he would close all the mosques in the US, because something has to be done to prevent meetings and organization to carry out terrorists’ plans. For many people, they hear this and are outraged, just like they were outraged at Trump’s former comments, but for other Americans, they want some serious results and at a time like this when fear starts to set in, they want a strong leader. This means that they no longer care about what is politically correct, but want strength and conviction when dealing with the enemy.
Many political commentators thought that this would be the moment that changed the primary race. They thought that everyone would look to backgrounds in foreign relations or a track record of dealing with crisis. Even Bush said in wake of the Paris attacks, that this is a wake up call that America needs real leadership with a proven track record. Instead, according to the polls, America wants someone they know will not be afraid of Washington’s power play, and will keep people safe. At this point, they believe this person to be Trump.