November 18

The Debate over Radical Islam

There is a movement right now against the media’s stereotype and misrepresentation of Islam. Angelina Jolie today, posted a passage that illustrated a Christian man and woman who were stopped by members of ISIS, and said they were Muslim. The man then quoted a part of the Bible, and was let past what would have been his death. The point being, that no true religious member would kill in God’s name. Queen Rania also today stated that ISIS should remove the I from their name, because they falsely represent what it means to be Muslim. Muslims have risen up on social media against ISIS, stating that the media misrepresents Islam through identifying ISIS as such. There is a debate going on about how to address this group, with many politicians toeing the line of what they view to be politically correct.

For many GOP members in the Senate, most notably Senator Ted Cruz, it is vital to call ISIS what they view them to be, and that is radical Islamists. Cruz has called on President Obama for years to state the group as such. President Obama has stated that he will not use the term radical Islam, because it grants the group legitimacy where none is granted. Calling them ISIS, however, does grant them legitimacy, and here lies the problem: ISIS believes themselves to be Islam. To call them ISIS, on the same hand, recognizes them to be aligned with this religion. Radical Islam, as many Republicans have been shamed for, is actually better than calling them ISIS, as it connotes an extreme behavior that does not represent majority of the religion.

At the Democrat debate, the three candidates refused to say Radical Islam, and instead referred to them as Jihadists. To call them jihadists is no better, as it is a term used in Islam, and basically says they are Muslim without overtly doing so. To use any term that has to do with Islam gives ISIS legitimacy. Republicans are unity that until President Obama can come out and say, “radical Islam terrorists,” the problem will “never be solved” (you guessed it, said by Donald Trump).