Monthly Archives: November 2015

November 30

The Ted Cruz Winning Strategy

Senator Ted Cruz stormed into the Senate like a wrecking ball. Even before he announced he would be running for president, the Texas senator had a national presence. He stood for hours on the Senate floor, fighting for Obamacare, and is proud of his conservative record that makes him a favorite amongst Tea Party members, […]

November 25

Why Republicans Hate Common Core

Today, Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Ted Cruz were the only two Republican candidates who promised to end Common Core to a Florida parent group, Breitbart reported today. Rubio and Cruz signed a pledge, vowing to get rid of the education regulation if voted into the Oval Office. Not all candidates signed the pledge, because […]

November 23

Why Donald Trump’s Extreme Rhetoric Works

Donald Trump stormed onto the scene when he announced he would run for presidency, and immediately offended a minority group the GOP wanted to get on their side: the hispanics. He came out calling Mexican illegal immigrants rapists and murderers, and promised all of his voters that he would build a wall between the United […]

November 19

How Bobby Jindal Already Made History

In a time where we are constantly looking for the first of something, Jindal’s run for the presidency was widely overlooked. Obama constantly was known for being the first black president, Clinton wants you to think if you don’t vote for her you are voting against women-the list goes on and on. So, for this […]

November 19

Trump’s Poll Numbers Continue to Rise

There has not been a single break in Donald Trump’s high poll numbers since he announced his run for the presidency. This has political commentators shocked with their mouth wide open. This billionaire businessman came into the race shouting ideas politicians would consider political suicide, and benefitted from it. He said Carly Fiorina had a […]

November 18

The Debate over Radical Islam

There is a movement right now against the media’s stereotype and misrepresentation of Islam. Angelina Jolie today, posted a passage that illustrated a Christian man and woman who were stopped by members of ISIS, and said they were Muslim. The man then quoted a part of the Bible, and was let past what would have […]

November 17

In a Presidential Race, it’s all about personality

At the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, there were whispers that Governor Jeb Bush would run in 2016. Said to be the smarter Bush, political commentators were just waiting for him to finally announce that he would run, and thought that he would most likely capture the nomination with flying colors. Even last […]

November 03

Goldberg Gives Surprising Statement About Fiorina on The View

The View came under harsh criticism last week when the group of girls sat around their table and laughed about Carly Fiorina, calling her face demented. After the episode with CNBC’s debate, where it was overly clear which side the network leaned, these comments came under serious fire from their bias and their partisan point […]

November 03

Ryan Gets Right Down to Transportation

Speaker Paul D. Ryan has promised to bring a new phase to the House of Representatives, and is doing so by making his first priority a transportation bill. For many years, politicians and presidential hopefuls always make a note about the decaying infrastructure in the United States as an example of how Washington is failing […]

November 03

Bush’s message to Rubio: you should be doing your job

The tension between Rubio and Bush came to head during the last debate, where Bush, for the first time, made a jab at the senator from his state. Rubio, who is Bush’s protege, boldly announced his run against his former mentor. Although the two never mentioned the topic, there was no doubt by everyone that […]