Monthly Archives: October 2015

October 14

Why Rand Paul Thinks He Can

We all know the childhood story of the train going up the hill, who huffs and puffs “I think I can, I think I can.” For the 2016 presidential race, Rand Paul is the train. While he is easily one of the most popular senators who gets the most publicity, largely due to his filibusters, […]

October 14

The Push for Hispanic Votes

This election has turned into one that is centered upon one huge issue: immigration. The Democrat debate last night, focused on the issue, and the Republican debates also spent a lot of time regarding illegal immigration and plans to fix the broken system. As the campaign number game comes down to the final numbers, many […]

October 14

What to Expect Tonight at the Democrat Debate in a Few Words

There is way less anticipation for the first Democrat debate than the Republican debate, and that has a lot to do with the lack of excitement for the candidates. That is because you will more than likely have to google the other candidates besides Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. In any case, what can we […]

October 13

The Political Power of Sean Hannity

In Washington, they call the media the fifth branch of government. This is due to the fact that unless you watch CSPAN, you get all your news on what happens in Congress or the White House from TV or newspaper outlets. For this reason, the popular Fox News personality has more political sway than most politicians. […]

October 12

Rubio is captain of a new ship: foreign policy

Marco Rubio’s Campaign Strategy? Foreign Policy Three years ago, Marco Rubio caught Republicans attention at the 2012 Republican National Convention. When he spoke on stage, talking about conservative ideals and revitalizing the American dream after the country has lost its way. He spoke about conversations with his Grandfather, who told him about dreams he never […]

October 11

House Passes Bill to Legalize Crude Oil Exports

Yesterday, the House passed a hugely important bill that has not received much media attention. In a bipartisan manner, yes that means both Republicans and Democrats, H.R. 702 made its way over to the Senate. This bill will make crude oil exports legal. While there has been much oil production in the United States, it has been […]

October 10

A Desperate Cry for Paul Ryan

More than anything, the Republicans in the House seem embarrassed. In a historical week, Congressman Kevin McCarthy shocked everyone on Capitol Hill, when the morning of a vote to elect him the next Speaker of the House following Boehner’s resignation announcement, he instead pulled out of the game. It seems like an episode of House […]

October 08

“House in Chaos”

For those who think politics is boring, they may have to retract that statement given the past month on Capitol Hill. Today, when many (including myself), thought that Congressman Kevin McCarthy would become the next Speaker of the House, another curve ball was thrown, and he dropped out this morning before there was even a […]

October 08

A Series of Fortunate Events for Kevin McCarthy

They say that life is all about being in the right place at the right time, and the saying could not be more true for Congressman Kevin McCarthy. Last year at this time, he enjoyed a role in leadership as Congressional Whip, but had no idea that one year later, he would be gathering votes […]

October 07

Rand Paul Adds Another Cause to His List

Last week, the government did not shutdown, although many far right conservatives were okay if it had, because they had one goal in mind: defund Planned Parenthood. After a video surfaced that the organization may be selling aborted baby parts for a profit (which is a felony), Republicans stood up and wanted change. Overall, pretty […]