Monthly Archives: October 2015

October 19

Nomination Not Certain for Clinton

After the first Democrat debate, there was no question that Hillary Clinton is not new to public speaking. She came back with every question with vague answers, never fully committing to important policies that could hurt her down the campaign road, but standing firmly for issues such as the War on Women, becoming the first […]

October 16

A quick history lesson explaining the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Here is a quick history lesson on why there is always so much violence surrounding Israel and the Gaza Strip: While we constantly hear about this violence between Israel and Palestine, many do not know the context to why it constantly persists, and why it seems to never be resolved. So, here is a quick […]

October 16

A Quick Breakdown of Why the GOP is Flipping over CNBC Debate

As there has finally been a Democrat debate after the Republican debates, the numbers really put into perspective why there is so much uproar over the CNBC debate which is scheduled for October 28th in Colorado. A whooping 23 million watched the second GOP debate, hosted by CNN, while only 3 million watched the Democrat […]

October 14

Why Rand Paul Thinks He Can

We all know the childhood story of the train going up the hill, who huffs and puffs “I think I can, I think I can.” For the 2016 presidential race, Rand Paul is the train. While he is easily one of the most popular senators who gets the most publicity, largely due to his filibusters, […]

October 14

The Push for Hispanic Votes

This election has turned into one that is centered upon one huge issue: immigration. The Democrat debate last night, focused on the issue, and the Republican debates also spent a lot of time regarding illegal immigration and plans to fix the broken system. As the campaign number game comes down to the final numbers, many […]

October 14

What to Expect Tonight at the Democrat Debate in a Few Words

There is way less anticipation for the first Democrat debate than the Republican debate, and that has a lot to do with the lack of excitement for the candidates. That is because you will more than likely have to google the other candidates besides Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. In any case, what can we […]

October 13

The Political Power of Sean Hannity

In Washington, they call the media the fifth branch of government. This is due to the fact that unless you watch CSPAN, you get all your news on what happens in Congress or the White House from TV or newspaper outlets. For this reason, the popular Fox News personality has more political sway than most politicians. […]