October 28

Tonight’s Campaign: All Eyes on Carson

For many GOP members who have been hoping and praying that Trump would finally stumble, even just for a second, they have gotten their wish. For the first time since Trump’s announcement, he is slipping behind in some poll numbers to none other than Dr. Ben Carson.

Carson’s rise in the polls is pretty extraordinary. Many people (including myself), had never heard of him before he announced his run for the presidency, and many people (including myself), thought that he did not have a chance against heavy hitter names like Trump and Bush. Carson, the unknown candidate, is popular in his own field (as the first surgeon to successfully separate siamese twins), he has a rags to riches story that leaves every person who hears it inspired. Furthermore, his common sense, mild tempered attitude has a calming effect that makes you trust that he could handle crisis and conflict.

As Carson gained traction in the first debate (despite being left out many times by the Fox News hosts), made his first mark as a true contender to be reckoned with. He followed suit in the next debate, and now tonight, all eyes will be on him as he has been the only one so far to hold a candle next to Trump.

So, why is Carson so popular? He dips into the same pool of supporters as Trump does, but has a more religious background with zealous, Evangelical supporters. Many members of the Tea Party, or more extreme groups, looked to Donald Trump when he first announced his run with a bang, but are starting to notice and agree with Carson more. Carson’s views are aligned with the GOP, but shockingly, there are areas that he believes in compromise. Because of his faith and conviction for conservative principles, this somehow works for Carson where it could not work for other candidates. For example, he believes abortion is murder, but thinks it is up to each state to decide the legality of the issue. That, is huge for Tea Party members, and the fact that they are still for Carson, shows that his common sense approach is in fact slowly winning the race.

Trump will have to be heavily on the defensive tonight, as the GOP candidates are openly in favor of him stepping out of the arena. So, keep your eyes on Carson and him, and maybe a little on Rubio, as you dive into the third primary debate.