October 27

What to Expect When You’re Already Expecting

Tomorrow night is the third Republican debate, with ten candidates on stage in Boulder, Colorado, hosted by CNBC. So, what is there to expect when there has already been two debates (with Democrats only having one), and with the main issues already been addressed and tossed over for six hours?

First of all, there have been some toss ups in the polls, as Ben Carson is closely behind Donald Trump, even surpassing him in some Iowa polls. Marco Rubio has also gained traction in the polls, putting him in the coveted top four spots. As November approaches, the primary season is starting to feel the heat and there is more pressure on the candidates and who will actually come out in first place.

So, tonight, what can we expect when we are already anticipating what to expect? There will further be talks about foreign policy, and a chance for each candidate to narrow down on their plan for the future. Rubio will continue to build and advocate his platform for an aggressive foreign policy, while Bush will have to defend his brother’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and also lay out a plan he has for the future. Bush is in a very different position than Rubio, as he tries to paint himself as not being Bush 2.0, but needs to have a clear plan on how he will address ISIL and the growing threats in China and Russia. For Carson and Trump, these have not been their main platforms, and they will most likely speak broadly about American supremacy and restoring the country’s reputation abroad.

When it comes to taxes, Trump and Carson have a clear plan to how they will address the much needed tax reform on the federal level. Trump’s plan is more complex, tackling billionaire’s benefits as only he can. Carson, on the other hand, wants a flat tax as modeled in the Bible. Rubio and Bush are not as clear how they plan to tackle tax reform, but Bush has a plan to ensure 4% economic growth.

For the other candidates, we can expect a similar performance as the last two debates. Fiorina will be tough, speaking sharply and confidently and she addresses women’s issues and Hillary Clinton. She will more than likely reference Israel and her “friend” Netanyahu a couple of times, and speak about how the country needs to move away from politics as usual. Rand Paul will make some jabs towards Trump, and stand out from the other candidates on stage with his foreign policy platform, which leans Libertarian.

The chance for a breakout are most with Christie and Kasich. Christie reminded everyone in the last debate why he used to be the favorite in the GOP field, as he presents strong conviction and a dedication to politics in a very loud way. He is not afraid to back down, and will toe up against the other candidates easily. As for Kasich, this popular governor from Ohio has another opening to gain popularity and improve his numbers in the polls. The Republican National Convention will be held in Ohio this year, and no president has ever won the White House without winning Ohio. He is a more moderate conservative, which some Republicans find refreshing in the sea of Tea Party influence.

In conclusion, the outcome of the debate tomorrow night is easy to predict. There are chances for different candidates to move up, or for Trump and Carson, to hold their places. While most of the topics have already been addressed, it is a chance for each person on stage to go further into detail about how and why they are the person to take the lead for the GOP, and narrow in on the way they will refuel the American dream.