October 26

Trump’s Million Dollar Statement, in Perspective

Donald Trump is coming under fire from different media networks over his comment that his life has not been easy, and he had to start out with a million dollar loan from his father which he paid back in interest. While many would drop their mouths and laugh at this statement, what Trump has done for his business career is incredible. A loan can be obtained by any person with good credit, and Trump was just lucky enough that it was his father. But through Trump’s hard work, he turned a 100 million dollar company that he inherited from his father into a 10 billion dollar empire. Now to do that, takes ambition and confidence.

While Trump still continues to lead in many of the US national polls, he told NBC that he has been told no all his life, but has turned it into a yes. For example. many told Trump not to run for president. After his remarks on illegal immigrants, everyone counted down the days until he would throw in the towel. But Trump has maintained a steady first place. Furthermore, Trump has toughened up against the media, breaking the fear of the fourth branch of government that usually paralyzes candidates. Trump, however, has drawn the line in the sand, and set the precedent that the media needs the candidate, not the other way around. His campaign has also set the tone for future politicians, who may have no previous experience holding office, but seek to enter politics to bring fresh energy and a new point of view.

So, while Trump was given a million dollars, it is what he did with it that counts. Many entrepreneurs are given one million dollars, and very quickly finding that they need two. Secondly, Trump is applying the same wherewithal and energy to the presidential race that he did with that one million dollars. He is taking an opportunity, and cashing in on it. Even if Trump does not win, he has changed the course of politics for future candidates and campaigns in America in general. Trump has broken the status quo, and proven that it can be done by anyone. For this reason, he has already changed history, by smashing politics as usual, and bringing excitement back into the political arena.