October 26

Support Ramps up for Ryan

The Speaker of the House election will be held this weekend in the House, and as of right now, it looks like Representative Paul Ryan will more than likely take John Boehner’s office. This has been the type of month that you would like to be a fly on the wall in the Capitol, as there were more than likely conversations that would fit into House of Cards. Just hours before Kevin McCarthy was thought to become the next speaker, he stepped down, stating that he wanted a more united front for the next leader. More than likely, he was strong armed out of his position, and encouraged to keep his Majority Leader position. Next you have all eyes point to Paul Ryan, who never even hinted he wanted the position and then found himself overwhelmingly encouraged to take it. After about a week, he told reporters that he was thinking about it, and now, we find that there does not seem to be anyone else to take it.

Ryan met with the Freedom Caucus, one of the most powerful GOP groups in the House, and seemed to pass the test. The former VP candidate is, however, criticized for his outward declaration that he will not spend majority of his time fundraising as Speaker John Boehner did, as he has a young family he wants to spend time with. He will no longer fundraise for the RNC, and will focus all his time on the NRCC. Ryan supporters believe this to be fine, as his national presence after his 2012 VP campaign, as well as his dedication to the economy and efficiency of DC will turn the Capitol around.

For the GOP, Ryan might be the young, fresh face the party needs.