October 19

Nomination Not Certain for Clinton

After the first Democrat debate, there was no question that Hillary Clinton is not new to public speaking. She came back with every question with vague answers, never fully committing to important policies that could hurt her down the campaign road, but standing firmly for issues such as the War on Women, becoming the first female president, and standing with Planned Parenthood. The biggest surprise, however, was Bernie Sanders, his dedication to policy, his grassroots movement, and his powerful stage presence. Sanders who was relatively unknown as a senator, has been steadfast in his dedication to pure political purpose, not falling under the influence of political power and billionaire’s interests. He has made sure that everyone knows this, as he is against Super PAC’s influence to buy and influence candidates. For many, this is refreshing (think Donald Trump), and for those who want a change, he has a real chance against Hillary Clinton.

While Clinton insists that the email scandal is a witch hunt, Republicans are continuing to go through the emails and keep the pressure on. Sanders helped keep the heat off in the first debate, but many Americans are not impressed. As Anderson Cooper pointed out and google reaffirmed later, there is suspicion that this is a coverup similar to Nixxon. Regardless, many voters believe that Clinton cannot be trusted, and in comparison to Sanders who has a clean record with a down to earth image, this is not doing so well for her campaign image.

So while Clinton is playing catch up with Sanders’ liberal agenda, he is continuing to win over young voters one by one. This deals a hard hand to Clinton, who is already banking on an easy nomination and focusing her attention on whomever the Republican candidate might be. Now, she has to compete within her own party, a factor that many did not think about while predicting who had the best shot to take 2016..

Clinton is still in the lead in all the polls, but as those who support her say about Trump, a lot can change in the course of the primary season. While Clinton has to hold on to her lead, Sanders is slowly gaining speed. In party politics, this makes the race much more interesting, and gives an advantage to the Republicans. Now, like the other candidates, Clinton is going to have to fight through a primary, which leaves room for mistakes and chances for the GOP to catch her in policy flip flops.

The race just got that much more interesting.