A Quick Breakdown of Why the GOP is Flipping over CNBC Debate

As there has finally been a Democrat debate after the Republican debates, the numbers really put into perspective why there is so much uproar over the CNBC debate which is scheduled for October 28th in Colorado. A whooping 23 million watched the second GOP debate, hosted by CNN, while only 3 million watched the Democrat debate, hosted by the same network. As it can be expected that the same numbers will turn their television on for debate number three, CNBC is trying to milk it for what it could be worth, and the candidates are not happy about it.

With so many potential views for CNBC, they want to push the campaign longer than two hours. CNN used their campaign moment, milking the three hours to include commercials. As this debate is filmed live, the candidates were stuck standing on stage for three hours as CNN profited from their appearances. This will give them an enormous push in their yearly revenue, as advertisements in the debate will be more expensive than usual because of the prospected numbers. CNBC has given some strict guidelines for this debate, stating that the candidates will not be able to give opening and closing statements, and that they have to deal with the extended time. In response, Donald Trump and Ben Carson have clearly said that they will absolutely not participate in the debate if CNBC does not change this criteria.

Trump took his outrage to Twitter, criticizing CNBC’s demands on the RNC, when the Democrats did not have to adhere to the same time schedule. He wrote, “Why is the @GOP being asked to do a debate that is so much longer than the just-aired and very boring #DemDebate?”

As Trump obviously pulls in these high viewership numbers, with Carson close behind, he has a lot of power with the network. If the network does no back down to Trump and Carson’s demands, they will be forced to sacrifice commercial space, and lose many of their followers that night because of it. This debacle comes down to money, and is further proof that Trump and his campaign tactics have a real effect on the media’s ratings, as well as the election on a whole. Trump is going up against the media and the party, showing that he will not follow the same “politics as usual” format that has been seen in the past, and is confident enough to walk out of the night all together if his terms are not met.