Why Rand Paul Thinks He Can

We all know the childhood story of the train going up the hill, who huffs and puffs “I think I can, I think I can.” For the 2016 presidential race, Rand Paul is the train. While he is easily one of the most popular senators who gets the most publicity, largely due to his filibusters, many believe that he is the one to really uphold the idea of limited government. A Libertarian, Paul inherited the supporters of his father, who were so die hard that many were thrown out of the Republican National Convention because of protests that turned into shouting during Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech. So regardless of his poll numbers, and his head to heads with Donald Trump, Paul believes that if he can activate liberty lovers enough, he truly has a chance at becoming the next president.

Paul was justified in his beliefs when he won the Republican Liberty Caucus. While this number is only out of 800, Paul believes that it is proof that young activists have the potential to rise up and vote in numbers to ensure he wins the nomination. As New Hampshire is such an important early primary state, Paul’s future looks even brighter in his eyes.

So what is it that makes Paul so attractive? For one, he is not the typical Republican war hawk. He does not want to strong arm Putin, and wants us out of the Middle East. Furthermore, while he does not agree with the Iran Deal, he is one of the only candidates who does not want to rip it up as soon as he steps into the Oval Office. His foreign policy views are exciting to many millennials. who want less government, which includes foreign involvement. While this same group might find a candidate like Bernie Sanders attractive, they have Paul to support instead, who is all about giving young people their freedom to choose the life they want to choose. Another popular aspect of his campaign is a 14.5% flat tax, with a one page report. As many young voters see most of their paycheck head to the government, this is highly attractive. Oh, and Paul also wants to abolish government programs like the NSA’s collection of data and the IRS and Federal Reserve’s overreach of power.

For these reasons, Paul is the obvious choice for many voters. He is not the typical Republican, which in Paul’s mind, makes him that much more attractive. He is offering change like Bernie Sanders, but one that gives young people more control by limiting the power of the government and enabling more “liberty” for Americans to choose the course of their own life.