October 14

What to Expect Tonight at the Democrat Debate in a Few Words

There is way less anticipation for the first Democrat debate than the Republican debate, and that has a lot to do with the lack of excitement for the candidates. That is because you will more than likely have to google the other candidates besides Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. In any case, what can we expect tonight?

A lot of talk about gun control

A lot of talk about the minimum wage

A lot of talk about the war on women, in regards to Planned Parenthood

A lot of talk about how things should be free, such as healthcare and education

A lot of flip flopping from Hillary Clinton as she tries to defend her Secretary of State record, and show she is enough of a liberal for the Bernie Sander fans.

Some talk about Clinton’s emails which she will say is a witch hunt

A LOT of talk about Trump and immigration, even though none of them have a plan to fix the immigration problem

Let the games begin, and ask yourself the question, which debate were you more excited for?