October 10

A Desperate Cry for Paul Ryan

More than anything, the Republicans in the House seem embarrassed. In a historical week, Congressman Kevin McCarthy shocked everyone on Capitol Hill, when the morning of a vote to elect him the next Speaker of the House following Boehner’s resignation announcement, he instead pulled out of the game. It seems like an episode of House of Cards, where he could have been strong armed out of the position, or, he could have decided he would not be able to take the pressure that comes with such a prestigious position. As McCarthy pulled out, he left a vacuum. Who could possibly fill this position? Those who favor more far right leaning Congressmen will leave the House more divided than it seems to be, and those who favor the more moderate Republicans in the House can never win the support of the more right leaning lawmakers.

As the weekend approaches, there is an overwhelming, desperate cry that Congressman Paul Ryan goes for the Speaker. Unlike other options for the position, Ryan is already a household name, as he was picked by Mitt Romney to be his VP in the 2012 election. Furthermore, while a lot of Congressman just talk, Ryan acts. He has been absolutely devoted to economic reform, with Ayn Rand, the famous Capitalist author, as his inspiration for cutting spending and letting the market roar without government intervention. Ryan also is trying to reform welfare in the United States, and make a path from unemployment to a successful job and realization of the American dream, making welfare a safety net instead of a cage. Furthermore, Ryan is young. At 45, he still has years left for a normal Congress tenure. He is full of energy, conviction, and dedication to the lawmaking process.

So what could be holding Ryan back? Maybe, he is thinking he might be vetted again for VP. Maybe, he really wants to be able to spend more time with his family. Or maybe, he believes he can get more done without having to keep the House is order, and instead focus all his energy on making serious economic changes for America.

Ryan endorsed McCarthy when he was still in the process of gathering votes to become speaker, which McCarthy used and the media used to show that the majority leader really did have a chance at winning. Now, people are wondering why, if his endorsement has so much weight, would he not go for the position himself? Ryan and his office have repeatedly told the press that his thoughts are still no, but he must at least, behind closed doors, be having the conversation of what it could be if he did change his mind, and announce that he was going for it.

Would Ryan bring the House together? Maybe, but the more important part of this whole discussion is why everyone wants Ryan to run. People across the country believe we need more go getters in Congress, who are committed to the conservative ideals without losing sight of reality. For these reasons, everyone is crying for Ryan.