October 08

A Series of Fortunate Events for Kevin McCarthy

They say that life is all about being in the right place at the right time, and the saying could not be more true for Congressman Kevin McCarthy. Last year at this time, he enjoyed a role in leadership as Congressional Whip, but had no idea that one year later, he would be gathering votes to hold one of the highest offices in American government: the Speaker of the House.

The position that McCarthy finds himself in literally is a series of fortunate events .In June 2014 for the GOP primary, before the November election, Eric Cantor caused some serious political jaws to drop when he lost to a no name, Tea Party Economics professor in his Virginia district. The professor, who is now Congressman Dave Brat, spent around $200,000 on his campaign, while Eric Cantor spent $5 million. Canot was the House Majority Leader, which is one step below the Speaker in leadership. There were even rumors, that he would eventually out snake Boehner and become the Speaker altogether. But that changed in June, and Cantor gave up his prestigious office, which Congressman McCarthy quickly took over. He went from Whip to Leader, all because of a surprise primary.

Now, McCarthy finds himself in a mother series of fortunate events. Speaker John Boehner, who was constantly battling between the far right and more moderate conservatives in the party, did not really mind that people called for his resignation. In fact, it did not bother him at all, as he pulled in the largest House majority in years, which was due to the amount of cash he pulled in through fundraising all across the country. Just weeks ago, he continued to perform his duties, giving interviews and press conferences about the economy and the budget and planned parenthood and the shutdown, and then the Pope came. As a devout Catholic, this had been Speaker Boehner’s dream for years. He constantly invited the most holy man alive to the Capitol, and finally, after years of waiting, the Pope said yes. Boehner even got to privately have a discussion with the Pope, and just like that, after years in public service, Boehner resigned. Before this, there was absolutely no hint that he would give up such a position, and even more so, he was doing well as Speaker, raking in dollars and relatively keeping the peace in the House chambers. McCarthy, once again, is rising in the ranks not from a coup d’etat, but from simply being in the right place at the right time.

McCarthy will more than likely get the votes he needs to take a seat with the most beautiful view in DC. At this point, all the media swirl around him is just to create a story. He has Congressman Paul Ryan on his side, and is more right leaning than Boehner anyway. Congressman Kevin McCarthy went from selling stolen cars (a story he tells), to third in line to the presidency. As the saying goes, so much can change in one day. For McCarthy, this statement could not be more true.