Monthly Archives: October 2015

October 29

Best Moments of the Third GOP Debate

As many of you may have turned off the debate last night after the first five minutes and obvious bias that was portrayed when asking questions, here are some of the top moments of last night, especially when the GOP called out the mainstream media and their unfair attack on conservative principles. The way that […]

October 28

GOP Officially Backs Ryan

The GOP today officially endorsed Paul Ryan, who now wants to go officially by Paul D. Ryan, to be the next Speaker of the House. The Speaker votes will be cast on Thursday, and despite a very tumultuous past few weeks, Ryan has decided to take on this prestigious, powerful position. Although originally promising that […]

October 28

Tonight’s Campaign: All Eyes on Carson

For many GOP members who have been hoping and praying that Trump would finally stumble, even just for a second, they have gotten their wish. For the first time since Trump’s announcement, he is slipping behind in some poll numbers to none other than Dr. Ben Carson. Carson’s rise in the polls is pretty extraordinary. […]

October 27

What to Expect When You’re Already Expecting

Tomorrow night is the third Republican debate, with ten candidates on stage in Boulder, Colorado, hosted by CNBC. So, what is there to expect when there has already been two debates (with Democrats only having one), and with the main issues already been addressed and tossed over for six hours? First of all, there have […]

October 26

Trump’s Million Dollar Statement, in Perspective

Donald Trump is coming under fire from different media networks over his comment that his life has not been easy, and he had to start out with a million dollar loan from his father which he paid back in interest. While many would drop their mouths and laugh at this statement, what Trump has done […]

October 26

Support Ramps up for Ryan

The Speaker of the House election will be held this weekend in the House, and as of right now, it looks like Representative Paul Ryan will more than likely take John Boehner’s office. This has been the type of month that you would like to be a fly on the wall in the Capitol, as […]

October 21

What is the Freedom Caucus?

When listening to news or reading articles about Representative Paul Ryan’s potential Speaker run, you may hear or see the word Freedom Caucus. This Caucus, which you may have never known about until the recent mentions in various media sites, seems to have all the power when it comes to electing the highest level of […]

October 19

Nomination Not Certain for Clinton

After the first Democrat debate, there was no question that Hillary Clinton is not new to public speaking. She came back with every question with vague answers, never fully committing to important policies that could hurt her down the campaign road, but standing firmly for issues such as the War on Women, becoming the first […]

October 16

A quick history lesson explaining the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Here is a quick history lesson on why there is always so much violence surrounding Israel and the Gaza Strip: While we constantly hear about this violence between Israel and Palestine, many do not know the context to why it constantly persists, and why it seems to never be resolved. So, here is a quick […]

October 16

A Quick Breakdown of Why the GOP is Flipping over CNBC Debate

As there has finally been a Democrat debate after the Republican debates, the numbers really put into perspective why there is so much uproar over the CNBC debate which is scheduled for October 28th in Colorado. A whooping 23 million watched the second GOP debate, hosted by CNN, while only 3 million watched the Democrat […]