Monthly Archives: September 2015

September 14

Politics no longer as usual: a message from Rick Perry’s exit

To be a governor in Texas is almost equivalent to being to being a president of a small country, as many Americans believe that you can be American, but it is totally different to be Texan. Texas has a history of hinting about succession, and if they did, would be a competitive oil producer and […]

September 08

This Sudden Refugee Attention Totally Misses the Point

If you can recall, two summers ago we nearly put boots on the ground in Syria due to Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war. President Obama had said previously that the use of chemical weapons was a line that if crossed, would have serious repercussions. Everyone, at this point, had […]

September 08

Are you mad about Trump? It’s your fault

People who thought that Trump was a necessary entertainment factor for this next election, and that was all, are starting to get a little nervous. These are in large part people who have no interest in politics, think that it is boring, and think that the whole system is too complicated and too stuffy to […]

September 03

Trump Signs the GOP Pledge

Donald Trump held a press conference today, surrounded by the magnificence of his Trump Tower building on Fifth Avenue in New York City, where he showed reporters and supporters the signed document that formally acknowledges his pledge to stick with the GOP and to not run as an Independent. As he continues with his first […]

September 03

The Other Side of the Gay Marriage Movement

The Supreme Court ruled in June that gay marriage, based on the Constitution, should be legal in all 50 states. While this has been a movement since the 60s, it really gained traction in 2008, when President Obama endorsed the idea and many Democrats followed. For the GOP, there have been some politicians, such as […]

September 03

The Tortoise and the Hare

The Turtle and the Hare While Donald Trump hit the presidential ground running, Ben Carson has adopted the slow and steady wins the race style. Many people had not heard his name until he officially announced his candidacy, and many people did not see his real stage power until the first debate. In fact, he […]