September 29

Planned Parenthood is getting nervous

As the usual CR drama approaches, Planned Parenthood has just lost its one Republican hope: John Boehner. While Boehner was harshly criticized for being a RINO (Republican in name only), he was a more moderate Speaker, and wanted to avoid another government shutdown. While last time the government shutdown was over Obamacare, this time is is over Planned Parenthood. While majority Republicans are against federal funding of this institution, the fight gained some serious fuel for the fire after The Center for Medical Progress released undercover videos with the top abortion doctor, who talked about selling baby parts of an aborted baby. While Planned Parenthood had been fighting against GOP’s desire to defund them all along, they now have a reason really to be worried.

It is important for everyone to know that federal tax dollars do not pay for abortions. This is illegal. But GOP lawmakers are against Planned Parenthood anyway, stating that there needs to be more of an investigation, and the the sale of baby parts is a felony. The far right section of the GOP wants total defunding of Planned Parenthood, and are willing to go through a government shutdown to get this goal. On the Senate side, Senator Ted Cruz is also willing to go for a shutdown to defund PP, as it will not be his first time, and most likely not his last. Really, Cruz’s poll ratings will probably increase from it, as this was how he gained real name recognition in the first place.

Planned Parenthood is fighting back, and creating ads with the hashtag “#Istandwithpp.” They’re making a day out of it tomorrow, and have a Facebook video shooting around the internet with numerous celebrity endorsements such as Scarlett Johannson, Kristen Bell, and Lena Dunham. The ad starts with “in the wake of increasing attacks against reproductive health care, we asked a few of our celebrity supporters why they stand with Planned Parenthood. The movement even has a website, if you ever doubted the pressure PP feels, where they state that politicians are using this just as an excuse to shut the government down.

So, this week, expect the fight to continue and to blow up in a major way. While the government will most likely not shut down, this is a historic moment in the social civil war that continues to happen in the United States.