This Week in Review

This week was a wild one for the Republican Party. First and foremost, all eyes were on the second debate, which saw the top 11 candidates on stage one more time, this time, with Carly Fiorina. The others included Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Walker, Governor Kasich, Governor Christie, Senator Rand Paul,  Mike Huckabee, Senator Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson. This primary cycle, which includes three non former politicians, started off in a flurry, with Trump grabbing the lead and holding it. The debate, however, proved that the race is just getting started. Fiorina showed all viewers that she is a force to be reckoned with, and the first debate was not a fluke in her seriousness of running to win. Rubio also stepped further into the spotlight, illustrating that his stage presence is powerful; he is well spoke, confident, and serious when it comes to defending the American dream and restoring the economy. Senator Rand Paul also gained a small percentage in the polls, as he stood out against the other candidates on stage when it came to foreign policy, showing his libertarian background and views which are greatly popular amongst a faction of the party. What started off as a chaotic debate with a lot of name calling and middle school politics, ended in strength, showing a party that had its differences, but was dedicated to America and the core Republican principles, regardless of the faction you may agree with.

Further news for the Republican party this week, off of the campaign trail, is the GOP again coming together against the Iran Deal. The biggest debate, is whether or not to support a government shutdown when it comes to continuing to fund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood came under fire from conservatives after a video taken secretly that showed the top doctor discussing the sale of aborted baby parts. While no tax dollars go to abortions, Republicans believe this is an attack on the moral fabric of our nation’s principles, and some want to go as far to block the Continuing Resolution to ensure there is no longer funding for the group. Fiorina has spoken out about this, questioning why a different women’s health service that does not practice what appears on the video to come into effect. The CR, by the way, is because Congress has not been able to pass a budget, a point of the Republicans for many years now, and why the imminent threat of a government shutdown seems to always be on the news.