September 21

Fiorina Jumps to Second in Polls

For those who early on supported Fiorina in her presidential race, it was because they most likely saw her in person. While the media has a lot to do with who is covered and who gets mentioned, Fiorina independently made her mark on many Americans at the prestigious CPAC conference last spring. She had a slow, steady growth of followers, and it was because for those who heard her speak, saw her power and her mark on what will be the most talked about presidential race in history. For the start, the three breakout stars are those who have never held public office. While Fiorina ran for the Senate in California, and lost, she has held her supporters in the palm of her hand for one reason: her stage presence is contagious. Her ideas are clear, articulated with conviction, and for this reason, with two debates under her belt, she has soared in the polls.

Fiorina entered the first debate on the JV team. Unanimously, the media applauded her performance, and it scored her a podium for the second debate at the prestigious Reagan Library, an honor for any Republican seeking the highest level of office. In the second debate, Fiorina proved that the first time was not beginners luck, as she went up against Trump and other candidates, giving numerous one liners for her supporters to grab onto, and quote as they show their allegiance to her and her run for the presidency. Furthermore, Fiorina in her own right is making history, as the first Republican woman to seriously have a shot at the Oval Office. While everyone is so focused on Hillary Clinton, who is well known for her husband’s success, Fiorina has made her own mark, working from secretary to CEO, and unapologetically declaring that her brain is from God, and she should have no special favors for being a “minority.” She has in fact said that women need to be considered equal and a force to be reckoned with by their numbers, and that she is in no way presenting a minority card to voters. For this, her power has increased, and she makes Clinton’s desperation for the women’s vote look just that, desperate.

While Fiorina has done just that, dispute identity politics, for the large majority of Americans she is the only one who can break the mold. She does not think she deserves special treatment for her gender, and is setting the example to all Republican women across the nation that they do not have to either. Because this identity worship has become such an intrinsic theme throughout the nation, it really takes a woman to break this mold. She is the only one, because of her gender, who can say this is not correct; and, she has proven this by going up against all men in her two debates, and not skipping a beat because of it. Never has she pulled the “I’m a woman running for president” card, and instead, through her words, has shown that because she is a woman, she brings a fresh air of leadership to a position that so needs it.

While Fiorina has compared herself to Clinton, it is only to show that her leadership is one of false pretenses, and one that is using pity instead of strength to win a position. While it is time for the United States to seriously consider electing a female president, Fiorina does not believe this is what makes her special. She believes that her track record (although disputed by some in the business world), and her dedication to ensuring all people throughout America regardless of their background have the chance to be anything they strive to be, is enough to win an election. From her debate, anyone can see why this is believed by her supporters, and why many women believe she is the only one who can truly hold a candle to what will most likely be the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton. For women who are voting for Clinton just for women’s sake, they now are going to have to make a serious decision. Who do they really believe represents the average woman? And what can they really do to make a change? For Republicans, the answer is clear. Fiorina is against Planned Parenthood, but for women’s health care. She is also for empowering women, not from a state of weakness, but from a state of equality.

Once you wrap your head around this, it is hard to not get inspired. Meghan McCain has said over and over again that she would like to see nothing more than Clinton go up against Fiorina in a debate, one on one. From the result of the two debates, many Americans are starting to agree.