September 16

What to Expect From Tonight’s Debate

There have been commercials on CNN for weeks now, as the second debate for the GOP primary is highly anticipated, and will be watched by many Americans. Hosted by a liberal leaning network in the Reagan Library, we can expect questions to be a tougher, and more of an argument than a way for candidates to build their platform. The debate tonight will most likely be defensive, with questions that could hurt presidential hopefuls once the primary season is over, and their one liners will most likely be used against them from the Democrat who wins to deter Independent voters away from the GOP.

So, what can we expect from the CNN hosts? Let’s first look at the issues that are most covered on CNN. These are gay marriage, in particular with religious freedom, gun control, police brutality, women’s rights, and climate change. Furthermore, as Trump continues to lead in the polls, the other candidates will be arguing with him more than anyone else, and trying to put him down over a potential Democrat politician.

These issues, however, will put Republicans between a rock and a hard place. Independent voters are more than often supportive of gay marriage and climate change, but are fiscally conservative. While all of the Republicans have confirmed that they are for traditional marriage, they have said that the law is the law, but as president, would be able to change the law back to what socially conservative Republicans believe should be marriage. Furthermore, most Republicans have not come out in support of climate change, (especially Carson), so their opposition to pro environmental changes could also hurt them down the line.

If you think about the CNN debate monitored by Candy Crowley in 2011, it can be inferred that the same type of questions will occur tonight that will leave the GOP cleaning up a mess later. The ratings of the debate are also expected to sky rocket, so more than any other debate, millions of voters will be watching and forming their opinion on which candidate could have their vote. The debate tonight will be nothing less than exciting, and also a huge game changer for this highly anticipated primary race as well as the overall election. So stay tuned, because this election is about to heat up.