September 08

Are you mad about Trump? It’s your fault

People who thought that Trump was a necessary entertainment factor for this next election, and that was all, are starting to get a little nervous. These are in large part people who have no interest in politics, think that it is boring, and think that the whole system is too complicated and too stuffy to get involved. Now, with Trump at his steady first place poll number, that part of the population have their ears perked.

It actually gets even better, when people talk about Trump in first place and their distaste for him, they offer no solution. There only solution is instead to just leave the country. So, in this democratic system where your vote counts, and where you actually have a voice, they still cannot state one other candidate they would vote for, and instead insist it is someone other than Trump, or the highway. Even with their fear of Trump winning, they do not think about politics, or read about it, and instead, have an idea of a country that will just welcome them in because they will no longer be able to stand America (good luck with that emigration).

The problem with this structure is that there is a huge problem in America, and that is millennials and younger voters no longer feel any incentive to vote. There is a disheartened mood regarding politics, and the idea that votes really do not matter. This creates a domino effect, and one by one, a huge part of the electorate do not have their voice heard. Furthermore, they are disengaged when it comes to politics. Many millennials can name every celebrity and their birthday, but cannot name the number of representatives in Congress. A girl the other day who graduated from law school could not tell me the difference between the Senate and the House of Representatives. This, is a huge problem, and may create a very different political landscape than previous generations experienced.

Here, we have a problem. And here, every person who says they will just “leave” the United States has to realize it is time for them to step up. We have an interactive government in the United States which requires an active participation from the American people. For those who feel they no longer care to be involved, than they really cannot complain if Trump gets into the White House. They also cannot complain if democracy is taken away from us eventually, and the idea of a vote for every citizen is taken away. To vote really is a privilege, and it is time for Americans to realize this gift again. There is power in your vote, even if you do not think there is, and one by one, the idea of democracy and citizenship can return to millennials and people across America.